Mario Kart Tour: Best Course to Collect 30 Coins in a Single Race


Coins are a fun novelty to catch when you’re driving around in Mario Kart Tour. For those interested in gathering up 30 coins in a single race, you’re going to have some difficulty locating the ideal track to capture all of these golden treasures. Here are some of the best tracks you’re going to have the chance to obtain 30 coins in a single race.

The Best Course to Collect 30 Coins in Mario Kart

An excellent course you’re going to collect 30 coins in is Yoshi’s Circuit. If you’re going purely to capture 30 coins, you want to throw the concept of getting one of the top spots out of your mind. You need to focus on rounding those delicate turns and focus on where the coins are on the course. You’ll want to go through the specific course several times to see where they are following every turn. The turns in this course are crazy, and you’re going to find yourself relying on drifting. Even if you’re not trying to get 30 coins, you’re going to walk away with a good-sized coin purse.

You could attempt to get 30 coins in Rock Rock Mountain, but you’re going to find yourself hard-pressed. Many of the coins are on the bottom of the map, where you’re gliding or jumping off of ramps. If you’re more interested in going through the middle of the map to gather the coins in the air, you might be able to do it.

Notably, Yoshi’s Circuit is your best bet. You might find a handful of options, but if you find one you’re going to need to play through the race a handful of times to figure out the proper corners and turns to make. It’s all about lining up your driver to catch them when you’re going through. Some of the most significant coin locations are when you’re gliding through the air.

You also have the opportunity to capture more coins from hitting other drivers. If you throw a red turtle shell or a bomb in front of you and it hits another driver, they’re going to drop a handful of their coins. This mechanics means you can drop some o them, too, so you may want to watch where you’re aiming to hit your next target.