Mario Kart Tour: How to Equip Badges


The systems in Mario Kart Tour do not detail everything. A critical part of the game is deciding if you’re going to get the Mario Kart Tour Gold Tour Pass. The Gold Tour Pass is a monthly subscription service to the mobile application giving players access to exclusive content those who are playing the game for free are not going to have access to in the game. Badges are one of these pieces of content.

How to Equip Badges in Mario Kart Tour

Badges exclusively go to those who have the Gold Tour Pass on their account. Without it, players are not going to have any badges added to their account. It’s another, exclusive method for players to figure who is paying for the game and who is playing it through the free-to-play model. While they do not have too much merit, the badges standout with the golden-colored icons.

Players are going to access these badges by completing challenges, which unlocks when they complete seven cups in Mario Kart Tour. For some, it may not take too long to complete an entire cup. However, given the complexity and internet connection, this process can take longer than a good chunk of the afternoon. When players unlock challenges, they can try their best to complete them.

To add them to their profile, they need first to complete the challenges in the challenge section. They work similarly to the attempt players have to make after they complete three of the four races for a cup. When the challenge unlocks, players can view the badge in the “challenge,” section of their menu, and when they can find it, click on the challenge to add the badge to their profile. It’ll show up next to their name if others compete against their AI persona.