Mario Kart Tour – How to Do A Total Of 10 Slipstream Boosts


The new Tokyo Tour has arrived in Mario Kart Tour. This means a new driver in the form of Rosalina and the Rainbow Road track has been added to the game, as well. It also means new Challenges that you have two weeks to complete. One such challenge is to do a total of 10 Slipstream Boosts.

Mario Kart Tour – Do A Total Of 10 Slipstream Boosts

The good thing about this Challenge is that you don’t have to do them all in one race, giving you a total of two weeks to complete it. Slipstream Boosts are also pretty easy to perform, once you know what to do.

To perform a Slipstream Boost, you want to drive very close to another driver, directly behind them, and make sure you don’t crash into them. When you begin the Slipstream, you will notice a faint white ring will appear around your driver, almost like a very mild lens flare. Your kart will also get a boost in speed.

You can do this challenge on any course, and with any driver. The easiest time to get a Slipstream Boost is actually at the start of the race. Just stay with the pack and take up position behind another driver to get the boost you need.

As I said earlier, you can do this ten different times over multiple races to complete the Challenge and have until the end of the Tour, which is two weeks away, giving you plenty of time to complete it.