Mario Kart Tour – How To Land 3 Hits With Green Shells In A Single Race


The Tokyo Tour is now open in Mario Kart Tour, which means lots of new Challenges, a new driver in the form of Rosalina, and a new track as Rainbow Road makes its way to the game.

Mario Kart Tour – How To Land 3 Hits With Green Shells In A Single Race

To hit land three hits with Green Shells in a single race, a great driver to use is Koopa Troopa. His special skill is Triple Green Shells, which rotate around his kart, and are then all fired off in a rapid volley. If you use him on Koopa Troopa Beach, you can also hit a Frenzy, allow you to fire off Green Shells for a short period rapidly.

You are more likely to get Green Shells from item boxes if you are further down the grid positions, especially in fifth place of worse. This also means you will have plenty of drivers in front of you, so hitting them shouldn’t be a huge issue.

Lakitu also has the Triple Green Shell special skill and will get Frenzy on Toad Circuit T, and Mario Circuit 2T, making them another great driver to try and do this challenge with.

Another great option is Yoshi. Yoshi’s special is the Yoshi Egg, which will lock on to enemies and hit them with a random item, which can include a Green Shell. You can get a Frenzy with Yoshi on Rock Rock Mountain and Yoshi Circuit.

The final driver with the Green Shell ability is Iggy, who can Frenzy on Choco Island 2R. Any of these drivers and course combos should make it very easy to land three hits with green shells in a single race.