Mario Kart Tour: How to Farm Coins


Coins are the lifeblood of Mario Kart Tour. Players who do not want to rely on the game’s premium currency, Rubies, to get items or new drivers are going to need to farm coins. You can use coins to buy from the available daily choices. These options change frequently enough to offer players a decent variety. But they’re expensive. You need to play a lot of the game to make these coins worth it, too.

How to Farm Coins in Mario Kart Tour

Coin Rush

There are a few methods you can go about farming coins. The most obvious available option for players is to engage in the Coin Rush activity. Coin Rush is a course where you’re going to receive a multiplier for how many Rubies you spend to go through it. Here are the Rubies you need to pay to go on the course and what multiplier you’re going to receive:

  • 5 Rubies: Coins x 2
  • 15 Rubies: Coins x 6
  • 25 Rubies: Coins x 10

When you’re going through the course, you’re going to drive as Gold Mario, a Golden Version of Mario. He’s going to suck up any coin he gets close to on the course, making it easier to collect all of the coins on the track. However, many you receive gets multiplied by one of the three choices you’re going to spend.

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The Ideal Course

For those who prefer to avoid using any Rubies, they acquire from the game can merely go through a particular course over and over again. An excellent course for those to try and get a high degree of coins is Yoshi’s Circuit. It has a smooth track overall, and if you time the turns correctly, you’re going to find yourself racking up coins over and over again. Although it helps to have a driver who has a favored course. You can check to see what favored courses your drivers have by viewing them in the “drivers,” option in the menu.

By choosing a favored course, you’re going to increase the likelihood to get more useful items. The more damage and chaos you cause on the map to the other drivers are going to give you more points for you at the end of the race. You have the opportunity to get three item boxes with coins in them, too.

Can You Buy Them?

Beyond the standard method of playing the game, do players have the opportunity to purchase coins? The answer is no. You do not. While players are free to buy Mario Kart Tour’s Rubies from the game’s store, they do not have the option to purchase the coins. However, if you think about it, you are spending money to purchase Rubies to go through the Coin Rush game. But there’s no clear method of paying for a set amount of money for a set amount of coins in the game.

You’re better playing the game with one of your drivers on their favored route. You’re going to get plenty of coins because you’re going to be hitting other drivers frequently with all of your item boxes, and the chance to get coin item boxes increases with three available.