How to get and use Rubies in Mario Kart Tour

Get those Rubies before Wario gets his hands on them.

Image via Nintendo

It is very common for mobile games to have a microtransaction system that incentivizes players to put money into their currency to purchase new content in the game. Mario Kart Tour follows this model with its Rubies currency. Here is how to get Rubies in Mario Kart Tour and what to use them on.

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How to get Rubies in Mario Kart Tour

As stated above, Rubies are the premium currency in Mario Kart Tour, so the main way of getting them is through purchasing the microtransaction via the iOS or Google Play stores. The quantities and prices for them are listed below:

  • 4 Rubies – $1.99
  • 14 Rubies – $5.99
  • 29 Rubies – $12.99
  • 61 Rubies – $26.99
  • 122 Rubies – $49.99
  • 170 Rubies – $69.99

While buying them with real money is the main way to acquire Rubies, it is not the only way. You can also earn them through your Daily Log-in Rewards, leveling up, completing challenges, tour gifts, and in the Gift Box from time to time. There will also be various special bundle offers that include Rubies and other items in them available for real money. If you get the Gold Pass, you will earn some Rubies for keeping your monthly subscription.

How to use Rubies in Mario Kart Tour

Originally, Rubies were used to open the loot box-like warp pipes that earned players rewards. Now they are used for buying content directly from the in-game Shop. By going to the Shop, you can scroll down and see the Spotlight, which will include characters in various outfits, Mii outfits, karts, and parts. Characters cost 150 Rubies each, with Mii outfits, karts, and parts being a bit cheaper at 100 each. When you purchase the item, your Rubies are taken, and you can then equip what you purchased.