Mario Kart Tour – How To Get Rubies


Rubies are valuable in Mario Kart Tour. You can use them to get more drivers, gliders, and, karts by purchasing launches for the pipe in the shop. These allow you to fire the pipe, which generates a random driver, kart, or glider for you.

How To Get Rubies In Mario Kart Tour

You get 20 Rubies at the start of the game, which gives you four chances to fire the pipe and get some extra drivers, gliders, and karts. After that, you can earn them from Tour Gifts. Tour Gifts get awarded at various points between Cups. After you open up Ranked Cups, they show up between each one.

Having a Gold Pass gives you extra rewards. These often include more Rubies, so depending on how badly you want to get more Rubies, the Gold Pass can be a good investment. It does cost $5 a month, however.

You also get awarded Rubies by ranking well in rank-eligible Cups. The more points you get, the better you will place in the cup. Each ranking reward will have a timer, letting you know when the next award will be given out. The point scores are cumulative, as opposed to your best result, so you can always put in more work by repeating races to try and get the top spot.

Finally, you can purchase Rubies in the Shop for the following prices:

  • 3 rubies for $1.99
  • 10 rubies for $5.99
  • 23 rubies for $12.99
  • 48 rubies for $26.99
  • 93 rubies for $49.99
  • 135 rubies for $69.99