Where to find your Mario Kart Tour Player ID


Mario Kart Tour is out, and while you need to play for a little while before you can add friends, it is a feature in the game. For now, you can’t play in multiplayer games against each other, but you can compete in the Ranked mode and try to outscore each other on various races. Multiplayer will be added to the game down the line, but there is no official date for when that might be, yet.

For now, you can add your friends and prepare for the races you will have by seeing how you can get the highest score in the game.

Where to find your Mario Kart Tour Player ID

To add people, or to get them to add you, you need to use Player ID. To get your Player ID, follow the steps below:

  • Click Menu on the main screen
  • Tap on Friends
  • Tap on the Add Friend button
  • The next screen will show “Your ID,” with a 12 digit number below it.

You can get your friends to add you by telling them that Player ID, or you can enter their ID in the box below to add them.

Mario and friends go global in this new Mario Kart as they race around courses inspired by real-world cities in addition to classic Mario Kart courses! These destinations will be featured in tours that rotate every two weeks! In addition to courses based on iconic locales, some of your favourite Mario Kart characters will get variations that incorporate the local flavour of cities featured in the game!

Now you know how to get your Player ID, you can add as many friends as you like, and enjoy competing with each other in this mobile Mario racer.