How to complete the “Take out 5 Sidesteppers” Mario Kart Tour Challenge


Mario Kart Tour has plenty of challenges that you can try to beat to earn more rewards. One such challenge is to take out five Sidesteppers. Doing this one is quite easy if you know which course to race on.

How To Take Out 5 Sidesteppers In Mario Kart Tour

The best course I have found for this challenge is in the Koopa Troopa Cup, on Koopa Troopa Beach. I would suggest running the race at 50cc, as it will make it easier to hit the Sidesteppers.

Sidesteppers are the little crab-like creatures that you will have been trying to avoid until now. It usually is best to focus on the challenge for the race, although you can also try to place first if you like.

Just run the race as usual, but be sure to hit every Sidestepper you see. You can use shells, bombs, and other items to take them out, or if you have none available, you can crash into them. This will cause you to spin and cost you time, however.

The Sidesteppers get moved in the second lap, so don’t expect to see them in the same place. If you feel like you can’t get enough of them, keep in mind that two will spawn under the water on the second lap, and these can be hard to spot. You want to drive into the water under the ramp on a floating rock on the second lap.

You should be able to get five without having to worry about these two, as two more will spawn right at the end of the track on the second lap.