Marvel’s Avengers: Full Black Panther skill tree

Claw them up.

Avengers War for Wakanda Klaue fight

Image via Square Enix

T’Challa joins the Marvel’s Avengers roster with the War for Wakanda expansion, and the Black Panther has a wide range of skills and abilities to take advantage of. As you level up your Black Panther from level 1 to 50, you will be able to upgrade your character’s skill tree, powering up your basic, heroic, and intrinsic abilities. We’ve compiled all of Black Panther’s skills in bulleted form, along with a description for most of these trees — skills unlocked by default are in bold.

Skill Tree

Light Attack

T’Challa’s light attacks are mainly focused on claw strikes, and upgrades in this tree allow you to combo these scratch attacks.

  • Spinning Strike (Light Attack)
  • Out of My Sight (Signature Attack)
    • Claws in the Air (Signature Attack Upgrade)
    • Kinetic Slash (Light Intrinsic Attack)
  • Only Kings Stand (Aerial Signature Attack)
    • Kinetic Slam (Light Intrinsic Attack)
  • Kokou Sprints (Light Sprint Attack)
  • Out From Under (Light Dodge Attack)
  • Panther Scratch (Light Wall Attack)

Heavy Attack

Unleash T’Challa’s brutality with heavy attacks, with his Power Attack pinning foes to the ground, and upgrades giving him a bit of kinetic energy.

  • Pounce (Power Attack)
    • Cat Grab (Power Attack Upgrade)
  • Panther Dive (Heavy Attack)
    • Kinetic Pulse (Heavy Attack Upgrade)
  • Spinning Claw (Heavy Sprint Attack)
  • Panther Stomp (Heavy Dodge Attack)
  • Kinectic Daggers (Heavy Wall Attack)


T’Challa has a number of vibranium daggers to throw at enemies, and upgrades will give them some traits such as seeking out enemies or even acting like boomerangs.

  • Devastating Daggers (Ranged Attack)
    • Relentless Daggers (Ranged Attack)
  • Kpinga Daggers (Ranged Power Attack)
    • Armor Crush (Ranged Power Attack Upgrade)
    • Strike True (Ranged Power Attack Upgrade)

Intrinsic Ability

By holding Black Panther’s intrinsic ability, you can block attacks and even parry them with the right timing. Upgrade your intrinsic for a variety of kinectic-based moves.

  • Panther Cowl (Defensive Ability)
    • Panther’s Parry (Defensive Ability)
    • Formidable Opponent (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
    • Diminishing Returns (Intrinsic Ability Upgrade)
  • Kinetic Burst (Light Intrinsic Attack)
  • Energy Kick (Light intrinsic Attack)
  • Kinetic Boom (Heavy Intrinsic Attack)
  • Resolute Power (Heavy Intrinsic Attack)
  • Percussive Blast (Intrinsic Overcharge)
    • Energy Reserves (Overcharge Ability Upgrade)
    • Ptah’s Push (Overcharge Ability Upgrade)
Avengers War for Wakanda Crossbones
Image via Square Enix

Support Heroic Ability

Throw a set of Kimoyo Beads that seek out enemies for Stun damage. Upgrade this for a healing effect towards your allies.

  • Kimoyo Beads
    • Recovery Beads (Support Heroic Upgrade)
    • Kimoyo Power-Up (Support Heroic Upgrade)
  • Specialization I
    • Kimoyo Armor
    • Kimoyo Blast
    • Kimoyo Stinger
  • Specialization II
    • Shadow Physics
    • Kimoyo Missiles
    • Kimoyo Bombs

Assault Heroic Ability

Construct and throw a Vibranium Spear that can pin up to three targets. Upgrade this spear for properties such as added kinetic pulses or vortexes.

  • King’s Mercy
    • A Crown’s Weight (Assault Heroic Upgrade)
    • Forged in Vibranium (Assault Heroic Upgrade)
  • Specialization I
    • Immovable Object
    • Meteoric Impact
    • No More Mercy
  • Specialization II
    • Invaders’ Regret
    • Plentiful Harvest
    • Your Father’s Son

Ultimate Heroic Ability

Summon the panther god Bast and receive a 10% damage buff and 10% damage reduction for some time. Upgrade this to be able to block and parry attacks that are otherwise unblockable.

  • Bast’s Chosen
    • Ancient Defense (Ultimate Heroic Upgrade)
    • Divine Empowerment (Ultimate Heroic Upgrade)
  • Specialization I
    • Adored Ones
    • King of Necropolis
    • Panther’s Roar
  • Specialization II
    • Ancestral Memory
    • History is Shared
    • Realm Shift


Black Panther has plenty of movement abilities, including the ability to double jump, perfect dodge, wall run, and even cling onto runnable walls.

  • Vibranium Senses (Evasion Ability)
  • Above as Below (Evasion Ability)
  • Cat Instincts (Movement Skills)
  • Panther’s Perch (Movement Skills)
Image via Square Enix

Melee Mastery

  • Melee Upgrade I
    • Panther Pride
    • Your Majesty
    • Reach the Stars
  • Melee Upgrade II
    • Cat Got Your Tongue
    • Pouncing Fury
    • Make Way
  • Melee Upgrade III
    • Intrinsic Spirit
    • Heroic Spirit
    • Regenerative Spirit

Ranged Mastery

  • Ranged Upgrade I
    • Final Flourish
    • Seeking Surprise
    • Explosive Present
  • Ranged Upgrade II
    • Armor-Piercing
    • None Left Standing
    • Ear Ringing
  • Ranged Upgrade III
    • Panther’s Challenge
    • PhD in Physics
    • Oxford Graduate

Intrinsic Ability Mastery

  • Intrinsic Upgrade I
    • Early Years
    • Kinetic Armor
    • Kinectic Absorption
  • Intrinsic Upgrade II
    • Kinetic Damage
    • Eternal Drum
    • Last Panther Standing
  • Intrinsic Upgrade III
    • Stunning Blast
    • Speed of Sound
    • Enemy Ferocity

Intrinsic Overcharge Mastery

  • Intrinsic Upgrade I
    • Vibranium Taunt
    • Danger on the Wind
    • Wakandan Style
  • Intrinsic Upgrade II
    • Cool Vibrations
    • Long Live the King
    • Percussive Surge
  • Intrinsic Upgrade III
    • Vibranium Mastery
    • A Nation’s Hero
    • Nine Lives