All Black Panther abilities in Marvel’s Avengers

Don’t let that vibranium go to waste.

Avengers War for Wakanda Crossbones

Image via Square Enix

King T’Challa of Wakanda is both the Black Panther and the king of his nation, and his inclusion to the playable roster of Marvel’s Avengers adds a bit of royalty to the game. Black Panther comes with the large War for Wakanda expansion, and with him comes a unique set of melee and kinetic-energy-based attacks. There’s a certain grace to how T’Challa moves, but there’s also a sense of brutality to it. Prepare to claw up some baddies.

Primary Abilities

Light Attack

Black Panther’s signature light attack is the Out of My Sight; this enacts a slashing uppercut that launches your targeted enemy into the air. Use this to break enemy blocks.

Heavy Attack

Black Panther has a Power Attack in the form of Pounce. T’Challa will pin down enemies to the ground, and you can continue to press the light attack button to claw at them or hit the heavy attack button to trigger an AOE kinetic pulse.

Ranged Attack

Black Panther uses Devastating Daggers made out of vibranium as his ranged attack; these have a Debuff effect on enemies. You can upgrade this to a skill called Relentless Daggers to throw them in quick succession. There is also a Ranged Power Attack upgrade called Kpinga Daggers.

Intrinsic Ability

Panther Cowl will block incoming attacks when you hold the right trigger or hit the Intrinsic Ability key. Block attacks will nullify incoming damage while also increasing your intrinsic meter. With the right timing, you can also perform Panther’s Parry. You can upgrade your intrinsic to perform kinetic blasts and perform intrinsic attacks with your light and heavy attack buttons.

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Heroic Abilities

  • King’s Mercy (Assault Heroic Ability): Press the right shoulder button on your controller to throw a vibranium spear; this ability can pin up to three enemies at a time if you get the alignment and timing right.
  • Kimoyo Beads (Support Heroic Ability): Press the left shoulder button on your controller to summon a series of vibranium Kimoyo Beads that seek out enemies and deal stun damage to them.
  • Bast’s Chosen (Ultimate Heroic Ability): Press both shoulder buttons to summon the panther god Bast, who will give you a 10% damage boost and 20% damage reduction for a short amount of time.