How to activate anti-gravity pads in By Force of Mind in Marvel’s Avengers

Cap goes flying.

Marvel's Avengers: How to activate anti-gravity pads in By Force of Mind

Marvel’s Avengers has a pretty action-focused campaign, and most of the time players will be fighting hordes of enemies. However, there are some puzzles in the game, just like other Crystal Dynamic games. Although they are not as intricate as other games, they often offer a much-needed breather from the combat sequences and aids the pacing of the game.

One of the pretty confusing puzzles in the game is toward the very end, in the By Force of Mind mission. This the last mission of the game when players go against George Tarleton, aka MODOK. The mission offers a lot of platforming while playing as Captain America and has some adrenaline-rushing combat sequences.

Toward the end of the mission, there is this objective in which the player has to destroy control units to activate the anti-gravity pads. To get through this area, first of all, you need to take down the three security drones. Once you have taken them out, you would find a cylindrical object at the center of the platform which is attached to a rope. Use Captain America’s shield to hit the red part of the rope and the cylinder will fall down as shown in the picture above.

Once that’s done, stand on the yellow platform to reveal the two switches, which will be marked on the screen. Throw your shield on the two switches once again and the anti-gravity pad will activate. Use it to propel yourself to the next platform.