Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: All Prowler Stash Locations

The Prowler has left hidden stashes around New York for Miles to find in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. But what is he up to?

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Miles’ uncle Aaron has retired as the Prowler, and although Miles has his doubts about this claim, there are a few gifts that have been left around the city for the young Spider-Man to find in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. These will be inside various stash locations spread across the districts of New York that Prowler used while living a life of crime.

Each Prowler Stash you discover will provide you with rewards, and if you complete all of them you’ll unlock a suit, and more importantly a new ability. Here is where you can find all of the Prowler Stash Locations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


All Prowler Stash Locations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

There are nine Prowler Stash locations that you can find across the city of New York. Each Prowler Stash will have you solve a simple puzzle to detect where the hidden room is. Once you open the stash you’ll receive 300 XP, and 3x Rare Tech Parts which can be used for upgrading your gear. Here are all of the locations.


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The Prowler Stash in Astoria is located on the south end of the district near the edge of Downtown Queens.

Downtown Brooklyn

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The Downtown Brooklyn Prowler Stash is located on the northwest side of the region near the highway.

Downtown Queens

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Toward the western side near the water is where you will find the Prowler Stash in Downtown Queens.


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Greenwich has a Prowler Stash on the southwest corner of the district toward the water.


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The Prowler Stash in Harlem is on the western side near the main road. This is the first stash to find, and will net you 2000 XP and 8x Rare Tech Parts.

Hell’s Kitchen

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The Hell’s Kitchen Prowler Stash is on the south side near the stadium.

Little Odessa

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You can find the Prowler Stash in Little Odessa west of the center of the district.


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Midtown has a Prowler Stash to the northeast side toward the bridge.


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The Williamsburg Prowler stash is slightly east of the center, near Miles’ school.

Room For The Future Side Story

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After you’ve found all of the Prowler Stash locations, you’ll then receive the Side Story mission Room For The Future. This will require you to go back to Miles’ apartment in Harlem where you’ll discover Uncle Aaron has been telling the truth about retiring, and with the help of Rio Morales has moved into an apartment downstairs from them.

After completing the Room For The Future you’ll unlock a new ability called Prowler Strike. This will make your first melee attack while camouflaged more powerful and also knock enemies back.