How to complete Master writs in Elder Scrolls Online

What are Master writs? How do I complete these quests, or should I even do Master writs?

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If you’ve been playing lots of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), you may have discovered all the “dailies” you can do. These are repeatable daily quests and can be completed each day. The daily writs are just one of these repeatable quests. They are crafting quests where the player crafts a specific item. After handing the item in, you’ll receive experience and a reward pack of some kind. Inside these containers are various items, and sometimes, a Master writ.

What is a Master writ?

A Master writ is similar to a daily writ. Like a daily writ, you must craft an item and deliver it. However, unlike a daily writ, the Master writs have specific requirements. For example, a daily writ only asks you to craft a simple, normal item. A Master item writ will ask you to craft a Superior or higher item with a specific trait from a specific set. A Master consumable writ will ask you to craft a specific item of high quality.

In order to complete the Master writs, you’ll need to have the correct crafting skills, items, recipes, or knowledge. Not all the Master writs are equal. Master writs can be blue, purple, or gold. The gold writs are often very expensive to make due to the materials involved, but you’ll usually get good rewards from them.

Increasing chances of getting Master writs

Whilst handing in the normal dailies can often grant you a Master writ, you can increase your chances of getting one and obtain them in other ways. If you have all achievements unlocked in your Enchanting, Alchemy, and Jewelry crafting skill lines, you’ll receive a 15% chance to obtain a Master writ from your regular writ reward containers.

If you have learned all traits from Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Woodworking, your chances to get a Master writ increase by 10%. For each motif you learn in Blacksmithing, Clothing, and Woodworking, your chances of obtaining Master writs also increase. As for provisioning, the more purple and gold recipes you learn, the higher your chances of getting a Master writ.

Other ways to get a Master writ

There are other ways you can get Master writs too. If you are part of a guild, you’ll often find Master writs in your guild bank. Other guilds also sell Master writs, so you can buy writs from a Guild Trader. These are also handy things to remember if you have lots of unused writs and you are wondering what to do with them all – sell!

Step 1 – Starting a Master writ

Master writs are fairly straightforward to begin. Open your inventory, navigate to your writs, and choose a writ you want to do. If you don’t have a lot of items, you might want to start with a lower quality writ as the cost to craft the item will be a lot less.

We’d recommend going for a purple woodworking writ. Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Clothing only come in purple and gold. The purple are relatively cheap to make as wood is easy to come by. Choose the type of writ you want to complete and then open the item from your inventory. You’ll notice when you’re scrolling over the writs, the description will tell you what the reward is. The higher the reward, the more difficult the item to craft and more items required to make it. Choose something small to start with and open the writ.

(Screenshot by Gamepur) — You’ll see blue, purple, and gold writs in your inventory

Step 2 – Accepting the Master writ

After you open the writ, a message will appear asking you to make an item. Click “<Accept the contract>” to accept the quest.

Step 3 – Find where to craft the Master writ

Unlike daily writs, you’ll need to craft a specific item for the Master writ. If you’ve chosen an equipment writ, then you’ll need to find the set location in Tamriel for that item. If you’ve opened a consumables writ, then you can craft it at any consumables station; however, you’ll need to know the recipe or combination. If you don’t know the recipe, buy one from the Guild Traders. If you have a consumable writ, jump down to step five. If you have an equipment writ, read on.

(Screenshot by Gamepur) — The Quest Journal will tell you exactly what kind of item you need to craft

If you have an equipment writ, then luckily, since it’s a “quest,” you’re completing, a quest marker will appear on your map.

Open your Quest Journal, navigate down to your Master writ under “Crafting,” and click “Show on Map.” By zooming out on the map, you should be able to see where your item needs to be crafted.

(Screenshot by Gamepur) — A marker will appear on your map in the location where you need to craft the item

Step 4 – Do you know the Style?

Before traveling to the nearest Wayshrine (yes, we are speaking from experience), you need to find if you know the crafting style. Otherwise, you’ll get to your crafting station and won’t be able to make the item.

Open your Quest Journal again, note the Style and Type of item.

To see if you know the Style:

  1. Open your Quest Journal
  2. Go to the “Lore Library” tab
  3. Select “Crafting Motifs” from the left pane
  4. Navigate down to the Style book you’re looking for
  5. Check the right reading pane to see if you know the style
(Screenshot by Gamepur) — All available Styles are in your Crafting Motifs library

The Books are in alphabetical order, so this should be easy to find the Style you want to craft. If you know the Style, the Outfit will be colored. If your character does not know the Style, the item will be greyed out. If you know the Style, you can head to the next step. If you don’t know the Style, you’ll need to first learn how the Style. The quickest way to do this is to purchase the Style from the Guild Traders.

Note that the Styles required for crafting, or rather the Motif Styles, are different to Outfit Styles found under Collections.

Step 5 – Do you have the required materials?

Before traveling to the correct crafting location, or even a generic location for consumables, you’ll need to make sure you have all the required materials to craft the item required. For recipes, check the recipe list and ensure you have what’s needed. For other items, ensure you have enough mats to complete the writ. If you don’t have enough, harvest more, or purchase some from one of the crafting merchants found next to the crafting stations.

For equipment writs, check the Quest Journal and ensure you have the materials to make the trait. If you don’t have the right trait material, you can purchase one from the Guild Traders or crafting merchants. You’ll also need to ensure you have the materials for the Style. If you don’t have enough materials for the Style, purchase them or use a Crown Mimic Stone.

Step 6 – Craft the Item

Now that you know the Style or Recipe, you can craft the item. If it’s a consumables writ, craft it at any station. If you have an equipment writ, find the correct crafting station using the method shown in Step three.

(Screenshot by Gamepur) — All equipment Master writs require you to find the correct location to craft the item as a specific set piece

Once you’re at the correct station, craft the item. In a recent patch, Bethesda released an update where players can choose to see only “Quest Items” when crafting. Toggle this on to make it easier to craft the item. If you have a consumables writ, you’ll only need to craft the item itself. If you have an equipment writ, you’ll first need to craft the item as Normal quality and then upgrade it to the correct superiority required.

(Screenshot by Gamepur) — Make sure you have “Quests only” ticked to make it easier to craft

Step 7 – Hand in and Rewards

Now you’ve got the item in your inventory, your quest log should have updated to say “Deliver the [item].” Unlike daily writs, you can’t just hand in a Master writ in any random city. Under your quest log, there is a hint saying, “Travel to Mourhold to Meet your Contact.” You can find the exact location to travel to by opening the quest log and clicking “Show on Map,” as you did in Step three.

Travel to the Mournhold Wayshrine in Deshaan. Once there, you’ll see your quest marker is directing you just South-East of the Wayshrine. Follow the marker, and you’ll meet an NPC by the name Rolis Hlaalu. This is the Mastercraft Mediator who will accept your item. Talk to him and select “I’ve finished the […] job.” Complete the quest, and you’ll receive your rewards.

(Screenshot by Gamepur) — Deliver to weapon and you’ll receive gold, writ vouchers, and experience points

Now you can select to go to the Mastercraft Mediator Store and use the rewards you earned. There’s a whole list of items here to buy using the writ vouchers you were rewarded. The harder your item is to craft, the more vouchers you’ll earn, and the quicker you can obtain some of these awesome rewards.

(Screenshot by Gamepur) — The items you can purchase using writ vouchers are very useful, especially if you are a crafter or enjoy housing

Useful Add-ons

Elder Scrolls Online players have been using Add-ons for years to help their experiences with the game. There are add-ons for what you see in the interface, skins, maps, and more. There are a couple of useful Add-ons when it comes to doing the Master writs.

Lazy Writ Creator

“Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Creator” is a fantastic add-on for doing writs in general. It will automatically pick you the daily writs from the board and quickly create them from Stations. It will automatically open all containers and material mail for you too. When it comes to the Master writ, it can help create the item for you without accidentally selecting any other items and wasting your materials. Search for “Lazy Writ Creator” in Minon to find to Add-on.


You’ll need Lazy Writ Creator to get WritWorthy which specifically helps you craft the Master writ. Use these two add-ons together to create the required item for your quest. But WritWorthy doesn’t just help you create the item. When you choose a writ to complete from your inventory, WritWorthy will indicate if you have the required Style Motif already in your Lore Library. This will help you choose writs to complete without looking through your Library to find out if you know the Style.

Master Writs

Now you’re a Master Writ crafter, stacking up your vouchers to gain plenty of cool items to use in your house and in crafting. You’ll also get a good chunk of experience points for completing Master writs. Whether you choose to put your time into doing these, however, is up to you. Are the rewards valuable to you? Would you rather spend time doing other things in ESO? Those are questions only you can answer. That’s the beauty of MMORPGs — you choose the adventure you want to embark.