MHW Iceborne: All camp locations in the Hoarfrost Reach


Camps are the safe havens of Monster Hunter World; small sanctuaries where hunters can recover energy, have a quick meal to boost their health and stamina, change their set up, or restock supplies. Iceborne’s new Hoarfrost Reach has come with all the hazards of aggressive monsters plus biting cold and, well, ice. The camps here are as important as the rest of the World maps.

While some camps unlock on their own, others require players to sniff them out during quests, expeditions, or while on a hunt. Finding the campsites can be a challenge, especially when the map loops back on itself or has upper levels for players to traverse.

The locations of the campsites were rumored as far back as June 2019 on Reddit. However, the particular Iceborne campsite locations first detailed by PowerPyx. The Hoarfrost Reach in Iceborne has five total campsites. Three of which you need to unlock through story progression.

Camps unlocked through story progression:

  • Southern Camp

  • Western Camp

  • Shipwreck Camp

The Southern Camp is in Area 1, part of the upper level of the region. It’s the default starting camp of the Hoarfrost Reach.

The Western Camp is in Area 5, also at the upper level. It will unlock after players go on an expedition for the first time.

The Shipwreck Camp is in Area 12, and unlike the first two, on the bottom level. It will unlock once you reach two stars in Master Rank assignments.

Camps unlocked through quests:

  • Central Camp

  • Northeast Camp

Both camps are on the upper level. The Central Camp is found in Area 7 as part of the “Setting Up Camp: Hoarfrost Reach I” delivery quest. The Northeast Camp is in area 15 and unlocked through the “Setting up Camp: Hoarfrost Reach II” delivery quest.

Here’s a map of both levels from GameWith.

Side by side maps of the two layers found in the Hoarfrost Reach

These are all the camps in Iceborne’s Hoarfrost Reach location. Good luck on your hunts and slaying monsters.