Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Deft Digger and Creatures of The Earth Achievements

These creatures hide right in plain sight.


Monster Hunter World Iceborne added new endemic life to every region. Instead of just the Hoarfrost Reach, trophy hunting players can expect to wander through old regions. Two achievements, Deft Digger and Creatures of the Earth, are linked. Players need to capture small mole creatures, appropriately named Moly, in each region, ending in the Rocky Moly for the final unlock.

According to GameRant, you’ll need to have completed the main story since it will require you to reach the Guiding Lands area, only accessible after the end. There’s a Moly located in each region. Unlike a lot of the achievement-based monsters, they aren’t time-sensitive. However, if large monsters are wandering the area or Grimalkynes, they will not appear. They’re also very skittish, so be prepared to use your Ghili Mantel.

Moly locations by region

  • Forest: Area 6, near the northern exit.
  • Wildspire: Area 8, above the large slope.
  • Coral: Area 10, by the fishing spot.
  • Rotten: Area 12, hard to spot, by the yellow plants and bones.

The Rocky Moly will appear in the same areas but will have a rocky helmet to differentiate them. All of them are skittish and will run even if the player is crouched.

An extra tip is to make sure the Feline Biologist daily food skill is active, as it will increase the chance of rare spawns. VGA News has a list of other suggestions, such as completing Grammeowster Delivery quests.

Good luck to you on this quest, it’s shaping up to be somewhat frustrating to capture the small, skittish creatures.