Midas’ Mission challenges for Week 10 Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

As good as gold.


The challenges for Week 10 of Midas’s Mission have leaked inĀ Fortnite, letting us know what we will be doing this week in the game. Remember, you need to finish 18 challenges from the set of 20 that make up Midas’ Mission to get access to a secret task that will unlock his Ghost or Shadow style.

This was supposed to be the last week of the season, but Epic has extended it to June 4. They have also promised that there will be more challenges on the way, so expect plenty of tasks to keep you occupied until the start of June.

Most of the above challenges are fairly basic, but there are some location-based missions you will need to complete. As always, we will have plenty of guides to help you out when the challenges go live in the game.

The awkward one will be catching a fish while you are riding in a Choppa. If you don’t have a buddy to play duos with, you will need to take advantage of the fact that choppers have those hand side seats.