Minecraft Earth – How to Craft and Smelt


Minecraft Earth wants you to be able to do all the things you can do in regular Minecraft, but mixed in with the real world in fun and interesting ways. The augmented reality game allows you to explore a version of Minecraft that is overlayed onto the real world. You can gather resources, find mobs and animals, and yes, you can craft and smelt items.

How To Craft And Smelt in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth Make Stuff Menu

To craft and smelt items, you will need to hit the “Make Stuff” button at the bottom center of your screen, marked in the image above with the red arrow. This will bring you to the crafting and smelting options.

To craft something, just tap on Crafting, and then select the recipe you wish to use. Recipes will become available as you gather resources, so if you can’t make much right now, head out and gather up resources by finding blocks, then tapping on them until they break. Crafting items takes time, and the more valuable or complex the item is, the longer it will take to make. At the moment, it is only possible to craft one item at a time.

To smelt something, click on the Smelting tab. It all works similarly to Crafting. Recipes become available as you gather more resources, and items will also have a length of time that it takes to smelt. These can be a lot quicker than Crafting items, however, as you need so many of these smelted items for building in the game.

It is possible to speed up crafting and smelting times by using Rubies, but at the moment it is best to save them and get to grips with the game first. You don’t want to waste Rubies by speeding up the time it takes to make an item you don’t need yet.