MLB The Show 21 Team Affinity: Season 4 – How it works, rewards, and more

TA4 has arrived.

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Two months after Season 3, Season 4 of Team Affinity has now officially gone live in MLB The Show 21. MLB users can now grind and obtain 30 Legend bosses, with and these cards have very high overalls. Every card in this Season has at least a 97 OVR, and most are 99 OVR bosses. So, what’s the deal with Season 4? Let’s take a look at the programs, how to earn progress, and the rewards.

How Season 4 works

Season 4 works a lot like previous seasons. MLB The Show players will need to accumulate TA points in order to make progress in the program. You can acquire TA points through the Season 4 Showdown, Moments, Collections, and Missions. There are also several Exchanges, in which you can complete one-time collections of players from a particular division. These do require players either spending Stubs or using duplicate copies of cards, but this method does offer a quicker way towards getting the bosses.

Additionally, Conquests are back for Season 4. There are three different Conquests: one for the East, Central, and West divisions. Completing each will yield 45 TA points for the two division programs that correspond with the Conquest.

Program reward layout

There are six divisions in Season 4, one for each real-life division. Each division has the following reward layout:

TA Point TotalReward
3Division Unlockables Choice Pack (x3)
5Division Uniforms Pack
10Team Affinity Pack
15Division Uniforms Pack (x2)
20Ballin’ is a Habit Pack
25Division Uniforms Pack
30Team Affinity Pack (x3)
35Division Unlockables Choice Pack (x2)
401500 Stubs
45Division Bronze/Silver Player Pack (x3)
50Team Affinity Pack (x5)
60Division Boss Choice Pack
70Headliners 2 Pack Bundle
802500 Stubs
90Division Boss Choice Pack
100Ballin’ is a Habit Pack (x5)
110Division Boss Choice Pack
1205000 Stubs
130Division Boss Choice Pack
140Home Run Derby Choice Pack (For AL and NL East), Field of Dreams Choice Pack (For AL and NL Central), or All-Star Game Choice Pack (For AL and NL West_
150Division Boss Choice Pack

Bosses can be acquired at 60, 90 110, 130, and 150 TA markers for each division.

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Keep in mind that for the NL West, an additional three Unlockable Nameplate Choice Packs are available at 151 TA points.

How to approach Season 4

It’s up to you how to approach Season 4. A simple way to complete each division is just by completing the Season 4 Showdown repeatedly and then redeeming the vouchers.

Alternatively, you can complete each one by mixing up the game modes that you frequent. You can play Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, and Events from the same divisions, and then make bulk progress by completing repeatable Missions. There are a number of offline and online missions that should be a priority, since these are pretty easy. For example, each 100 plate appearances you make with players from the same division, 10 TA points will be awarded. Additionally, you can also earn TA points by getting hits and strikeouts in online play.

We also recommend doing the Conquests, as those have hidden rewards and will yield some easy points for two division programs.

Are previous seasons still accessible?

Yes, previous seasons can still be completed.