MLB The Show 22: How online co-op in Diamond Dynasty works

Co-op is headed to Diamond Dynasty.

Image via Sony San Diego YouTube

MLB The Show 22 will introduce online co-op to the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo platforms, including Diamond Dynasty. Diamond Dynasty will give users the ability to jump in either squad of two or three, but certain rules need to be followed. Here’s what you need to know.

Diamond Dynasty co-op will work similarly to regular co-op, but there are some team building features to consider. In co-op for Diamond Dynasty, two or three players will pool their players together. This means that each user will choose between four to six players, depending on the number of players in the room.

Here’s a look at the breakdowns:

  • 2v2: six players each (three position players, one SP, two RP)
  • 3v3: four players (two position players, one SP, one RP)

We should note that per the developers, any parallel cards chosen here will have those stat boosts reflected in online co-op.

The rest of the team will be filled with random Silver Live Series cards. Lineups can be set upon picking the players. After that, the captain will see the selected starting pitcher cards shuffled, and it will be up to the captain to select the randomized pitcher to begin the game.

The devs have given us a few other notes regarding Diamond Dynasty co-op in MLB The Show 22. At the start of MLB The Show 22, Co-op teams will be matched up against only other random co-op teams.

Additionally, Diamond Dynasty rewards will not be awarded for completing co-op games, at least for the start of the year. SDS would like to do so in the future, but will not in order to take the rollout of co-op slowly.