Mobile Legends Trial of Knowledge event answers

List of questions changes daily.

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Mobile Legends is giving away a few in-game items in the Trial of Knowledge quiz event in which you need to earn points by answering simple questions and exchange them with Christmas Avatar Border, Skin Trial Cards, and more. You can participate in the event only once per day, and a total of 10 questions will be asked. If you answer a question correctly, you will be rewarded with 10 points, while a wrong answer will reward you with three points. However, you won’t be getting any points for leaving a question unanswered.

We have answered all the questions to help you win the points to redeem the in-game items:

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December 29, 2020

  • Can players buy Elite Skins from the Premium Skins Shop?
    • Yes
  • Can players obtain Hero Fragments/Premium Skin Fragments from Lucky Spins?
    • Yes
  • In match what are the win conditions?
    • Destroy the enemy base
  • Can players obtain Permanent Heros from Lucky Spins?
    • Yes
  • What’s Alphas’s companion’s name?
    • Beta
  • Does the Battle Spell ‘Execute’ deal damage that ignores enemy shields?
    • Yes
  • Initially, Alice was a _________.
    • Human
  • Where did Carmilla and Cecilion first meet?
    • An Opera Theatre
  • Which hero is the descendant of the ancient race?
    • Belerick
  • Which hero didn’t appear in Dragon Alter?
    • Akai

December 28, 2020

  • Where can Network Boost be turned on?
    • Settings > Network Settings
  • In match what are the win conditions?
    • Destroy the enemy base
  • What Roger can transform into?
    • A Wolf
  • Why should you buy equipment?
    • To get stronger
  • What’s Alphas’s companion’s name?
    • Beta
  • What’s the greatest threat to City of the Dragon?
    • The Pirates of the Frozen Sea
  • Lapu-Lapu is the most famous fighter of ____________
    • The Vonetins Islands
  • What is Leomord’s mount called?
    • Barbiel
  • You’re on an unstable connection, with bad receptions. What should you do?
    • Turn on Network Boost
  • Is it true that all players draw heroes in a shared pool in Magic Chess?
    • Yes

How to enter the event

  • Go to the events section from the main lobby of the game
  • Click on Daily on the top and then Trial of Knowledge on the left.
  • Click on Start to enter the event.