Monark – All answers to Toshiko Fuji’s questions

Is she in love or delusional?

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When partnered with Shinya Yuda in Monark’s first act, you’ll be asked to investigate the school’s club building. Around this chapter’s middle section, you come across a student in club block C named Toshiko Fuji who gates your progress with some questions. Our guide will help you pass her test.

After clearing the first wave of mist in block A, you’ll need to eradicate the mist from club block C. You’ll notice Toshiko Fuji pops up in multiple spots here. Each Toshiko tells you a different thing about herself if you probe her.

However, before moving on to the test, you need the key to the conference room. The keys are found on the second floor. There’s an NPC standing between two hallways. Take the hallway to his right. The conference room key is found in a locker inside the only interactable room at the end of this hallway.

With the keys in hand, head to the opposite hallway. The room you need to enter is just in front of Toshiko and an alter ego.

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The answers

To get Toshiko to move, tell her you love her. You’ll need to pass her test before she believes you. The answers to the questions are listed below:

  • “What do I like?” – Rapunzel
  • “What do I hate?” – The Little Mermaid
  • “What’s my type?” – Someone who’d walk through hell with you

With that out of the way, you can now ask Toshiko to move, granting passage to the cell tower.

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