Monark – How to login to the computer in the club building

Is the main character becoming a detective?

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After cleansing the main building in Monark’s opening chapter, you’re given free rein to access the next three chapters in the order you want. When you end up investigating the murders in the club building with Shinya Yuda, you might find yourself stumped by a computer asking for login information. Our guide will help you get through this pesky section.

The second floor of the club building houses a few rooms, one of which has a computer with a login ID and password. Both fields must be filled in to progress through the story. The login ID is 020201012, and the password is 0527.

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If you want to know how we came across the answer, this floor is filled with notes from a student named Tsutomu Kaneko. One letter mentions how inseparable he is from his girlfriend, whereas another states that her birthday is a date he’ll never forget.

To acquire both Tsutomu’s student ID number and his girlfriend’s birthday, you need to register their profiles. Take the stairs to the mist on the first floor. The NPC in front of the blue door just to your right is Tsutomu. Approach him to initiate a conversation, which registers his information.

His girlfriend, Mirai Oromo, is found at the dead-end just beside Tsutomu. She’ll have locked herself inside the room pictured below in front of the schoolbags. Walk up to the door to get her to speak so that her information is registered.

Once logged in to the computer, you’ll acquire evidence that Tsutomu is actually a stalker. Return downstairs and confront him with the evidence. Afterward, return to Mirai to inform her that her stalker is gone, allowing you to access this section’s cell tower on the same floor.

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