Monark – How to unlock Miki Hirai’s locker

What are the numbers, Mason?

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Monark throws a lot of lore and systems at you in its opening chapter. This is also where you get your first taste of the game’s light puzzle solving, which involves finding the right codes to unlock various lockers. Our guide will help you unlock Mika Hirai’s locker, which is required to progress through the first chapter.

While investigating the mist situation in the school’s main building, you’ll end up having to cleanse the third floor. One of the classrooms has a locker that belongs to Miki Jirai. You cannot finish this section without opening her locker.

Unlocking Miki’s locker

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The code is 1040. Miki is found trapped inside a room at the end of the third year hallway, banging endlessly at the door. When approaching the locked room, you’re given a few dialogue options. If you ask Miki how she used her locker combination, she tells you that she thinks it was the last four digits of her student ID number.

The lore entries on this floor don’t help, unlike in later circumstances. For future reference, any student’s ID number can be found by accessing the profiles menu through the phone. Every student and staff member you’ve interacted is registered within this menu.

After entering the code, you’ll be awarded the third year student badge. Head to the classroom that is guarded by two NPCs. Run around next to either character until they confront you, stating that only third year students are allowed inside. After presenting the badge, you’re able to head in and cleanse the mist.

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