Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Malzeno Guide – weaknesses, drops, and more

Blood for the blood god.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds new locations, skills, and a new rank to pursue. Monsters are leading the pack of additions, and Malzeno reigns supreme over them. Malzeno is the cover star for the Sunbreak expansion. Like Magnamolo in the base campaign, Malzeno is a lurking presence throughout the campaign and ends up being a very tough fight when it’s time. This guide will break down the best strategy, and weaknesses Elder Dragon Malzeno possesses.

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Malzeno weaknesses and drops guide in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Malzeno attacks and weaknesses

Malzeno is an urgent Master Rank fight that will unlock after your Master Rank four hunts. Malzeno is an Elder Dragon with several unique mechanics and abilities exclusive to only itself. Malzeno can afflict a new status effect called Bloodblight.

Bloodblight will reduce all incoming healing, and no item will cure it. To mitigate the damage Bloodblight does is to deal damage. All your damage will heal your red health, but attacking blindly will punish you with more health drain.

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When Malzeno is enraged, the body will darken, and certain parts of their body and eyes will glow a bright red. In this form, Malzeno is essentially a vampire lord and can teleport at will around the arena.

During this phase, ensure to block or stay far away if you don’t use a shield weapon class. Malzeno will frequently teleport directly above players, then strike down with a pair of strikes that can cart a team not paying close attention to their health. Strike Malzenos head and use flash bombs to bring it down and end the enraged state.

Use Dragon elemental weapons and armor to mitigate the damage Malzeno can put out, and make sure to attract Ludagaron and start a turf war. If you’re successful, Ludagaron will deal massive iceblight damage to Malzeno and make this fight easier.

Body PartsSlashingBluntAmmoFireWaterThunderIceDragon
Hind leg302851000515
Tail Tip2622101000515

All Malzeno material drops

Malzeno will drop his best materials if you deal damage to its legs, head, and tail. Severing the tail should be the utmost priority but be careful Malzeno will use a powerful tail thrust if you stand behind it for too long.

MaterialCarvesCaptureBroken PartsTarget RewardsDropped Materials
Malzeno Cortex37%–%70%22%50%
Malzeno Shard28%–%–%29%30%
Malzeno Hardfang21%–%17%20%–-%
Bloody Parasite–%–%30%16%20%
Malzeno Tail80%–%–%10%–-%
Malzeno Bloodstone3%–%3%3%3%
Malzeno Hardhorn–%–%80%–%–-%
Malzeno Fellwing13%–%85%–%–%
Dragon Treasure–%–%–%–%10%
Old Dragon Treasure–%–%–%–%40%