Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Silver Rathalos guide – weaknesses, drops, and more

Drop to the ground, and don’t run.

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The Silver Rathalos is more dangerous than the standard one in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This creature has heavy armor, capable of protecting itself from an onslaught of attacks, and you’ll want to bring your sharpest weapons to use against it, or you will find your attacks bouncing off its heavy armor. This guide covers all Silver Rathalos weaknesses and the materials it drops in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How to beat Silver Rathalos in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

All Silver Rathalos weaknesses

A Silver Rathalos has a much thicker skin than the original. We recommend bringing your sharpest weapons when battling this creature. Its resistances are relatively high when hitting the head, neck, abdomen, tail, or back. Its weakest areas are the wings and legs, but you don’t want to focus on these all the time, especially given the speed of this monster. It will rotate quite a bit, so you want to bring a few stun grenades to knock it out of the sky.

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When using elemental weapons, we recommend focusing on Water or Thunder, although Ice is a close through. However, a Silver Rathalos won’t take too much damage from a Fire or Dragon weapon, and you will want to avoid using those against this monster during the battle. Also, make sure to watch out for aerial attacks and breath attacks; these are different from the standard version, making it much more powerful.

Body PartsSlashingBluntAmmoFireWaterThunderIceDragon

All Silver Rathalos material drops

There are multiple materials you can receive from defeating a Silver Rathalos. It has a good chance of dropping a Silver Rathalos Shard by breaking its head. You can obtain a Silver Rathalos Cortex by breaking its back or head, but the head has a meager chance of dropping it. For those looking for the Silver Rathalos Fellwing, aim for its ferocious wings to secure it at the end of a battle.

We are still updating this section with all the materials the Silver Rathalos drops

Material dropsTarget RewardsCapture rewardsBroken part rewardsCarvesDropped materials
Silver Rathalos Shard18%062%37% from body and 19% from tail59%
Silver Rathalos Cortex34%32%26% from head and 74% from back27%40%
Silver Rathalos Fellwing17%31%100%21%0
Silver Rathalos Lash9%12%070%0
Rath Gleam12%14%15%8%0
Rathalos Ruby7%7%8% from head and 7% from back7%4%
Large Wyvern Tear000040%

The Silver Rathalos is not an easy combatant. It’s heavily armored, making your job even more difficult. It’s better to imagine you’re fighting a Kushala Daora with a Rathalos body and an improved moveset, which is an unsettling combination.