Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Velkhana Guide – Weaknesses, drops, and more

A frigid wind blows.

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Velkhana was the flagship monster for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and the expansion’s namesake. Now the Iceborne Dragon has come to Monster Hunter Rise, bringing some of the most powerful Ice-elemental gear in the game and some of the pointiest armor. Available after reaching Master Rank 10, Velkhana will still test your hunting skills with plenty of attacks that deal Iceblight and heavy damage. Today we’re covering Velkhana’s every weakness, affliction vulnerability, and material drop rate.

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Velkhana Weaknesses and rewards in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

As an Ice Elder Dragon, Velkhana is weakest to Fire damage, but Dragon element is also usable, if slightly less effective. Slashing weapons are also preferred. For afflictions, it’s immune to Poison, Stun, Paralysis, Sleep, and Exhaust. It’s strong against, but still affected by, Ice, Water, and Thunderblight, and Fireblight is at two-star effectiveness. If you want to focus on Raw damage, Blast is a fantastic status to inflict.

Here are all of Velkhana’s elemental and weapon weaknesses.

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Velkhana material drops

Provided you defeat Velkhana (ideally breaking as many of its parts as you can), here is everything you can get from drops, carves, and other reward sources.

MaterialTarget RewardsCapture RewardsBroken Part RewardsCarvesDropped Materials
Crystal Shard17%–%17%24% (Body)25%
Velkhana Cortex29%–%–% (Head)32% (Body), 17% (Tail)50%
Velkhana Hardclaw23%–%20% (Wing)19% (Body)12%
Velkhana Fellwing12%–%–%80% (Wing)–%
Velkhana Lash12%–%–%80% (Tail)25% (x2)
Velkhana Crystal3%–%3% (Horn)2% (Body), 3% (Tail)1%
Velkhana Crownhorn–%–%80% (Horn)8% (Body)–%
Pure Dragon Blood–%–%–% (Horn)–% (Body)15%
Old Dragon Treasure–%–%–%–%40%