Monster Hunter: World – What the Balls are Guild Cards?


Monster Hunter: World tries pretty hard to be a good social game. There are certainly no shortage of options to join your friends, even though it’s pretty confusing. Hunters can group together to join squads and even be part of multiple groups at the same time. But perhaps the smoothest and best multiplayer experience in the game comes when you play by yourself but open your quest up to other random hunters via SOS flares. In order to introduce yourself to those fellow random gamers, Capcom has included a Guild Cards feature. Or at least that’s my best guess as to what those cards are for…

What are Guild Cards?

Monster Hunter: World - What the Balls are Guild Cards?
Guild Card CustomizationTL;DR Games • Fair Use

If you’ve ever looked closely at the player list that is available from the menu, you’ll notice that you can perform certain actions on the other players in your session. One of them is to send them your Guild Card. Pardon me? My what? Well, if you check out the Info submenu, you’ll notice an entry for Guild Cards. It is here that you can customize your card with a variety of different options. Things that are available to be tweaked include:

  • Your Title, including first, middle, and last name parts
  • A Greeting message
  • The Background for your Guild Card
  • A featured Sticker
  • Which Equipment to display
  • The Pose and Expression struck by your hunter and Palico

The last option is perhaps the coolest of them all and it’s also strangely buried behind a button press instead of a menu option. It will let you pose your hunter and Palico in a variety of different ways, and really gives you a chance to show off your current style or mood.

Monster Hunter: World - What the Balls are Guild Cards?
Pose and Expression OptionsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

What to do with Guild Cards?

Well, that’s a very good question. You can send them to friends or players you’ve just met. On the receiving end, you can collect them, and I suppose you can use them to keep a historical record of some of the best hunters you’ve encountered in the wild. Personally, I’ve not yet received a Guild Card from anyone except my closest friends, but the idea is… kinda cool, I guess? There is a maximum limit of how many cards you can receive and each card has to be approved before you save them to your collection. If nothing else, you can use them for some cool screenshots of your hunter and Palico so that you can be cool on social media. That is a thing, right?

Monster Hunter: World - What the Balls are Guild Cards?
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Now that you know what Guild Cards are all about, go customize yours and send it to me the next time you see me running away from a Wyvern of some kind. In the meantime, have a look at our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub for more interesting articles about your favorite monster hunting game.