How To Play Expeditions Mode With Friends in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Monster Hunter World comes with an expedition mode. It is possible you can get some of your friend to play this mode similar to a quest. There is a direct way you can let your friend in and start an expedition, but there is another way. It might sound a bit odd, but it works. In this guide, you will find some simple methods to play expeditions with friends.

Monster Hunter Coop

How To Play Expeditions With Friends (Co-op Multiplayer)

Method 1: Play Expeditions Mode With Friends

This one is a simple and straight-forward method, what you have to do is team up with your friends. Once all are together it becomes easier to finish the quest. For this first all of to wait to complete their current quest. Once it is over, all have to return to a camp. Remember if any of your friends have plans to visit the hub then it is not possible. Everyone has to return to the camp, next hit R3 to pick a common destination. Each one of has to pick the same location and all will land into an expedition together.

Method 2: Play Expeditions Mode With Friends

In this second method, things are different. For this, all you have to do is use an SOS flare. All your friends must be on the quest board. They must be ready to pick your flare signal and once they got they have to find you on the basis of distress signal. That’s it, once they are able to get your location, you can all start playing together. It is necessary that expeditions must be unlocked for all to play together or else it will not work.

Through these two methods, you can try out a co-op type gameplay in the expedition mode. The steps are simple to remember.