Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – How to Beat the Fulgur Anjanath

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The Fulgur Anjanath is one of many new subspecies appearing in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. While it may look similar to the good old Anjanath from the base game, it’s got some new tricks up its scaly sleeve.

Best Items to Fight Fulgur Anjanath in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The Fulgur Anjanath replaces the standard Anjanath’s fire attacks with thunder, and it’s capable of inflicting Thunderblight. To stave off that particular ailment, you’ll want to come equipped with as many Nulberries as you can manage. The Thunderproof Mantle is also a great choice to bring on this hunt, as it can protect yours from both thunder damage and Thunderblight.

Given how hard many of Fulgur Anjanath’s attacks hit, it’s also a good idea to prioritize items and gear that grant health and defense bonuses.

Best Weapons and Armor to Fight Fulgur Anjanath in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

You’ll want to load up on thunder resistance on your armor. Sets like the Tobi-Kadachi armor have built-in thunder resistance that will reduce the thunder damage you take and can even prevent Thunderblight entirely if you get your resistance high enough. If you don’t have a thunder resistant set of high enough level, you can augment other sets with Thunder Resist Jewels. Of course, Fulgur Anjanath’s physical attacks are also a threat, so Defense Jewels and Vitality Jewels are also a solid choice.

When it comes to weapons, focusing on ice and water element is a right choice. Ice does a little more damage when the Fulgur Anjanath isn’t charged, while water does more damage when it is charged. You’ve fought quite a few ice-based monsters in the Hoarfrost Reach at this point, so you shouldn’t have much trouble scraping together the materials you need. Fulgur Anjanath is reasonably vulnerable to all ailments (slightly less to blast), so if you want to base your weapon on ailments, anyone will do.

How to Beat Fulgur Anjanath in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Throughout the fight, Fulgur Anjanath will become charged with electricity, adding thunder damage to its attacks. You can (and should) attack its head to drain this charge, but keep in mind that this will put you in a dangerous position. Look out for its powerful bite, especially when it’s fully charged and gains a thunder-boosted bite that it aims straight at the ground in front of it. If you want to fight a bit more defensively, try to stay behind the beast and attack its tail and legs.

If you’re fighting with a ranged weapon or need to break off to use some recovery items, keep an eye out for Fulgur Anjanth’s ranged attacks. Its longest-ranged attack lets it launch a ball of snot at you, which is relatively weak when the monster is uncharged, but formidable when charged with thunder. It can also execute a diving attack, launching its entire body at you, which can easily kill you if you’re already weakened.

During this fight, try to balance safer attacks to Fulgur Anjanath’s backside with strikes to its head to keep from taking too many of its big attacks while prventing too much charge from building up. The Clutch Claw can come in handy here, giving you a chance to get some free attacks in on Fulgur Anjanath’s head, as can mounting the beast.