How To Fix Full Screen Crash & CPU Usage | Monster Hunter World PC


Monster Hunter World for PC was released on August 9, 2018, while console users got a chance to test the game months before. The game has a good grip on the players who are enjoying hunting ferocious monsters in an alien world. The game works fine for the console users but some PC users are going through a lagging problem. Luckily a Steam modder has shared a file that can fix common pc gaming issues like crash fix while using Alt+Tab to switch to desktop. Below you can find the more details.

Monster Hunter World PC Crash Fix

How To Fix Monster Hunter PC Crash Fix

There are no settings, you can use a mod to resolve the problem. You can download the same from the source link at the end of this guide.

[Special K] HDR10 (Actual HDR Display Output) Fix

The modder has updated and shared the files on Steam. Below is the extract of the thread, where the user has discussed various improvements for the game. Along with it, there is also the features listed, the things you will get after applying the mod.

Current Features:

  • HUDless screenshots
  • Texture/button mods
  • Pre-HUD ReShade
  • Fixes for fullscreen exclusive problems the engine has

Possible Future Features

  • Aspect Ratio Correction

How To Install[Special K] HDR10 (Actual HDR Display Output) Fix

  • Visual C++ 2017 runtime will be required for this process.
  • You have to click on Github archive link below Download and Install section of Steam source link in the end of this guide.
  • Just extract this on the following location – steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World.

By applying the mode users can resolve their fullscreen crash issue with Monster Hunter World on PC. Click the source link below to get the mod.

Source: Steam