Monster Hunter: World – Where to Find Electro Sac


We’ve recently been working on locating all the materials required to make the Horizon Zero Dawn Palico armor set in Monster Hunter: World and were in need of some Electro Sac. This item is actually available quite early on and chances are you already have a few. However, if you’ve somehow misplaced your Electro Sac, like I did, we’ll show you where to get some more.

Where to Find Electro Sac

Unlike many of the other materials needed for crafting armor or weapons, Electro Sacs, and in fact its related Sacs, Aqua, Flame, and Poision, drop from specific monsters. For example, the Aqua Sac is obtained from Jyuratodus, the Flame Sac from Anjanath, and the Poison Sac from Pukei-Pukei. This guide, however, focuses on the Electro Sac, which is obtained from no other than my favorite squirrel-lookalike, the Tobi-Kadachi.

Tobi-Kadachi is found in the Ancient Forest, in particular the upper levels. It is a Wyvern type of monster with a lot of speed and squirrel-like attacks. It will literally doing the flying squirrel attack move on you, which is quite devastating for the unprepared hunter. Tobi-Kadachi possesses a powerful shock attack which will render you more vulnerable to knockdowns and insta-deaths, so be sure you keep your distance when already electrified. Water attacks work well against the Tobi-Kadachi, and if you’re coming back from a higher hunter rank, you won’t have too much trouble in this fight.

We suggest you find an Investigation in Astera in order to make your targeted attack in the Ancient Forest extra worthwhile. You should receive some Electro Sac as rewards for defeating Tobi-Kadachi, and of course you can repeat this as many times as you need.

If you’re looking for more help, advice, or where to find others of the many available crafting materials, check out our Monster Hunter: World Guide Hub.