Mortal Kombat 11: Krypt Chest Locations – Palace Entrance

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat’s Krypts are the go-to mode where players can collect nice little bonuses. In past games, Krypts primary contained mostly cosmetic (or Kosmetic) extras that didn’t hinder the over gameplay too much.

However, more recent games have Krypts be the only place to find many desirable features. This includes character-specific moves, costumes, artwork, in-game currency, and new finishers.

In Mortal Kombat 11, the Krypt is split up into different section. Each section has treasure chests (or similar things) that the playable avatar can open by using the specific currency you can get throughout the game.

When you first enter the mode, you take control of a nameless warrior. You are greeted by Shang Tsung, who allows you to travel his island. You begin your journey in the Krypts at the Palace Entrance.

Below are the coordinates of the chests in Palace Entrance; along with how much is it to unlock these chests and what is inside these chests.

Palace Entrance

(9526, -71) Free – 100 Hearts, 50,000 Koins

(9547, 455) Free – 100 Hearts, 50,000 Koins

(10209, 591) Cost 3,000 Koins – Kollection Character Art Jade x3

(7939, 1016) Cost 5,000 Koins – Tower Konsumable Plasma Infused Death Rocket x5, Tower Konsumable Meteorite Core x3

(7911, -519) 8,000 Koins – Tower Konsumable Zaterran Charm x3, Tower Konsumable Ethereal Armor x3

(7320, -576) 3,000 Koins – Kollection Character Art Kano x2, Currency 50 Soul Fragments

(7098, 391) 6,000 Koins – Forge Item Essence of Edenian Magic, Kollection Recipe Recipe: Ethereal Armor, Forge Item Copper Plating, Forge Item Element of Order

(6504, 28) 5,000 Koins – Cassie Cage Drone Hopper

(6474, -485) 10,000 Koins – Erron Black Rifle Demoralizer .30-30, Krypt Key Item Skeleton Key

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt

(5684, 865) 8,000 Koins – Tower Konsumable Tekunin Emergency Receiver x3, 5,000 Koins

(5593, 384) 10,000 Koins – Kabal Face Shield Kano’s Secret Weapon, Currency 25 Hearts

(5616, -543) 4,000 Koins – Kollection Character Art Kitana x3

(3872, 922) 12,000 Koins – Scorpion Brutality Crispy, Kollection Character Art


Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt

(4475, 231) – Shao Kahn’s Hammer

(4949, -676) – Destroyable Wall; Destroy With Kahn’s Hammer, Leads To The Dead Woods

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt

(3210, 190) – Destroyable Fence; Destroy With Kahn’s Hammer, Leads To The Courtyard

In further parts of the Krypt, you’ll come across Kronika’s Time Vault, which allows you to rewind time and replenish already opened chests with a new treasure.

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