Mortal Kombat 11: Scorpion’s Ability List

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The playable characters of Mortal Kombat 11 no longer have a predetermine move set. Players can now customize them in any way they feel fit, giving them equipment and different specials that match with certain players skill set.

There are many customization options within each playable character; it is almost overwhelming at first glance. Special moves are one of those things you can customize. Special moves are those iconic attacks that cause a little bit more damage than a normal hit or kick. Scorpion’s iconic spear and Sub-Zero’s ice ball are special moves.

Special moves can be customized in the Abilities section in each character customization selection. Each character has given specials that will always be a part of their move pools; for instance, Scorpion will always have the use of his iconic spear throw, no matter what you customize or de-customize. However, customizing in the Abilities sections allows you to decide what other special moves you’ll want to keep or remove.

Each Ability takes up a slot or two, and each character can only have a certain amount of slots.

This is Scorpion’s ability list that he has once you first turn on the game. The list below contains the title of the ability, how many slots it takes up, and the short description that the game gives about it.

  • Hell Flame (One Slot) – Adds Hell Flame Special Move. Throw fireball at the opponent.
  • Demon Breath (One Slot) – Adds Demon Breath Special Move. Breathe fire at the opponent.
  • Demon Dash (One Slot) – Adds Demon Dash Special move. Dash through the opponent and grab them.
  • Death Spin (One Slot) – Adds Death Spin Special Move. Spin spear causing a multi-hitting attack.
  • Death Spear Kombo (One Slot) – Adds Basic Attacks. Can perform two new Kombos involving spear.
  • (Air) Sin Blade (One Slot) – Adds (Air) Sin Blade Special Move. Can perform an additional Air Attack.
  • Burning Spear (One Slot) – Adds Burning Spear Special Attack. Ignite spear, increasing damage on all spear attacks.
  • Misery Blade (Two Slots) – Adds Misery Special Attack. Begin drawing katana. Can be followed up with several attacks.
  • Demon Slam (One Slot) – Adds Demon Slam Special Attack. Gain Access to an Air Grab.
  • Hell Port Cancel (Two Slots) – Modifies Hell Port. Can now cancel Hell Port.