Mortal Kombat 11 Skull Kabob Achievement | Complete Walkthrough

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Like any good fighting game, Mortal Kombat 11 comes with numerous challenging achievements for players to attempt when they’re in the middle of matches. A handful of these brutal tasks also happen outside of the arena, such as the game’s Krypt location where players explore Shang Tsung’s island for numerous cosmetic rewards and additional gear for your characters. A notable achievement, Skull Kabob, requires players to complete a task in the Tower of Time modes, and then return to the Krypt. We’re going to breakdown what you need to do to earn this achievement.

Skull Kabob Achievement Guide

Tower Keys

To earn this achievement, you first need to enter Tower matches that require a key to access them. So far, this is the only confirmed method of adequately getting the achievement, as other Tower matches will not count towards your overall total. You can acquire these Tower keys by opening the extremely expensive chest in the Krypt, these are worth 250,000 Koins, or you can earn them by playing through the other tower modes.

You may want to farm them through the other power modes, as this is likely the quickest way to find these items without having to spend so many Koins on a single chest.

Nailing Your Brutality

When you’re going through these premium Towers, you need to finish your opponent using a brutality finishing move. While it does not matter which character you are when you use the brutality, but it does matter who you use it against because you need to do this to one character. You need to land your brutality 50 times against the same opponent when playing these tower modes.

This will take you the longest time, and you may find it useful to write down how many times you’ve taken down a particular opponent. You’ll know you’ve finished hitting an individual character 50 times when you finish the match and you receive a severed head of that character as a reward

Hall of Warriors

Now, with your severed head, you’ll want to return to the hall of warriors in the Krypt. You can find this location near the second gong on the left side of the map. It should be opposite of the giant, white statues where there was a brief cutscene of a meteor going through the Raiden statue. You need to walk up to the sculpture of the severed head you have, and then stab it onto the spike.