Multiversus Version 1.02 patch notes – All buffs and nerfs

The battle has changed.

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MultiVersus is a game that will constantly change and adapt throughout its life. While for most players, the most exciting updates will be when new characters are introduced, you should also look for patches that change up the characters already in the game. These changes can have heavy implications on the meta. Here are all the buffs and nerfs from the MultiVersus Version 1.02 patch notes.

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MultiVersus Version 1.02 patch notes – all buffs and nerfs

Arya Stark

  • Air/Ground Up Special – Reverted to Early Access version of up special
  • Assassin Passive – Removed 5% additional damage taken debuff


  • Air Down Special – Knockback angle launches victims more horizontally
  • Air Side Attack – When landing, the attack will allow carrying movement momentum earlier

Bugs Bunny

  • Air Down Attack – Recovery land cancel window delayed 2 frames
  • Air Side Attack – Recovery land cancel window delayed 3 frames
  • Air Up Attack – Hitbox active frames reduced
  • Air Up Special – Cooldown attack no longer consumes all aerial special uses
  • Comin’ Through Doc signature perk – Hitbox active duration reduced to 0.25s from 0.5s
  • Ground Neutral Attack – Frame window to cancel into another Ground Neutral Attack delayed
  • Weight – Lowered to 50 from 55


  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Fixed an issue where the shockwave from high-fiving an ally would not hit enemies
  • Air Up Special – Adjusted vacuum hitbox to more consistently combo into the final hit
  • Assassin Passive – Removed 5% damage taken debuff
  • Ground Down Attack – Increased minimum distance traveled, adjusted vacuum hitbox to more consistently combo into the final hit
  • Passive – Increased starting gold to 200 from 100


  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – When Garnet bubbles a projectile, the projectile will not be able to hit herself or allies until the bubble expires
  • Air/Ground Side Special – Increased projectile speed to 2200 from 2000, recovery frames decreased to allow for follow-up combos from the hit
  • Air Side Attack – Side attack 1 on-hit cancel window moved earlier, side attack 1 combos better into Side Attack 2

Harley Quinn

  • Assassin Passive – Removed 5% additional damage taken debuff
  • Movement Speed – Increased to 1875 from 1825

Iron Giant

  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Ability and ammo cooldowns are now static cooldowns. Static cooldowns are not affected by cooldown reduction perks or buffs. Consuming an item or Iron Giant’s art will still grant one bolt, ability cooldown increased to 25s from 23s
  • Air Neutral Attack – Whiff recovery increased
  • Air Up Attack – Reduced damage to 5 from 6
  • Passive – RAGE mode gray health reduced to 15 from 30


  • Air Down Attack – Damage reduced on first two hits, third hit ignite duration reduced to 0.5 seconds from 1 second
  • Air/Ground Down Special – Attack duration reduced to 3 seconds from infinite duration, can no longer hit the same enemy multiple times
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – If Jake eats multiple opponents, he will spit them all out on the first spit. Spitting no longer counts towards air special count. Jake can aerial spit even if he has exhausted his air specials, spat out opponents are now properly classified as projectiles, weakened stacks applied on hit reduced to 2 from 5
  • Air Side Attack: Whiff recovery increased six frames, land cancel window delayed to match increased whiff recovery, on-hit cancel window moved 2 frames earlier

LeBron James

  • Air Down Attack – Knockback angle pushed to be more horizontal
  • Ball Ground Down Attack – Cancel window moved earlier
  • Ball Ground Neutral Special – Ground pass projectile speed increased, air version unaffected
  • Ball Ground Up Attack – Hitbox active frame window moved earlier, on-hit cancel window moved earlier to allow for more reliable combo follow-ups
  • Basketball – Enemies can no longer hit the basketball, the basketball will always bounce back when blocked by projectile-blocking effects
  • No Ball Air Side Attack – Hitbox active frame window moved 3 frames earlier


  • Air/Ground Neutral Attack – Knockback scaling increased
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Ammo cooldown increased to 13s from 12s, knockback scaling increased from 23 to 25, grenades can now be knocked back by ally projectiles, and enemy projectiles will destroy grenades
  • Air Side Special – Portal aim reticle now only shows for the Morty player in online matches
  • Extra Fleeb Juice signature perk – Now cleans up Tom and Jerry’s mousetrap, also cleans up Garnet’s electric zone
  • Ground Side Attack – Full jab combo now connects more reliably
  • Ground Side Special – More consistently hits projectiles
  • Ground Up Attack – Fixed an issue where the blaster could spawn two shots when fired, knockback direction now based on projectile velocity, knockback scaling increased
  • Passive – Ally grenade passive has been enabled


  • Air/Ground Neutral Attack – Enemies can no longer hit the spit projectile
  • Air Up Attack – Vacuum knockback applied to the first hit to help the two hits chain together more reliably
  • Ground Neutral Attack – Holding down and dodging no longer cancels into the next attack as quickly to prevent extremely rapid firing of the projectile attack


  • Ground Down Attack – Armor removed from the attack and knockback angle pushed to be more horizontal
  • Ground Up Special – Jump cancel in ground up air special is delayed to prevent a true combo into Air Up Special
  • Weight – Lowered to 68 from 76

Steven Universe

  • Air/Ground Up Special – After spawning 2 shields with his Up Special, Steven must land on solid ground before he can spawn more shields with his Up Special


  • Air/Ground Down Special – Now has an ammo cooldown, spawns with 2 ammo, one new ammo returns every 8 seconds
  • Air Side Special – Fixed a bug where Superman could grab enemies from far away as they bounced off of walls, flight speed is reduced after Superman grabs an enemy
  • Air Up Special – Fixed a bug where Superman could grab enemies from far away as they bounced off of walls, later startup on active hit frames
  • Ground Down Attack – Hitbox active frames reduced
  • Ground Up Attack – Hitboxes adjust so the attack no longer hits behind him


  • Air/Ground Down Special – Recovery frames decreased to allow for better combo follow-ups, Air/Ground Up Special allows canceling to dodge and jump to be able to escape while in the air
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special – Taz can now eat and spit Bugs’s safe and rocket and Shaggy’s super sandwich, eating an enemy in the air now applies 2 weakened stacks
  • Air/Ground Side Special – On-cooldown tornado duration increased to 0.45s from 0.25s
  • I Gotta Get In There! signature perk – Taz’s ally can only enter the dogpile one time per use
  • Passive – Max Tasty stacks increased to 18 from 16, chicken movement speed reduced to 1200 from 1550, chicken maximum health reduced to 15 from 30, chicken duration reduced to 6 seconds from 8

Tom and Jerry

  • Air Down Attack – Added 3 frames of recovery, land cancel window delayed by 3 frames
  • Air Side Attack – Added 3 frames of recovery, land cancel window delayed 7 frames
  • Dynamite Split signature perk – Split dynamite sticks now detonate when they hit terrain
  • Ground Side Attack – Jab 1 hitbox active frame window moved 2 frames later
  • Jerry Air/Ground Up Special – Jerry no longer hits enemies immediately after the rocket explodes
  • Jerry – No longer refreshes his cooldown if he dies while attached to an ally, reduced cork ammo to 2 from 3 (cork ammo while attached to ally unchanged)


  • Air/Ground Neutral Attack – No longer heals Velma when she hits an ally with a speech bubble
  • Air Up Special – No longer applies weakened stacks on hit
  • Movement Speed – Reduced to 2100 from 2200
  • Weight – Reduced to 52 from 55

Wonder Woman

  • Ground Down Attack – No longer breaks projectiles while charging
  • Movement Speed – Reduced to 2225 from 2250
  • Weight – Reduced to 71 from 76