NBA 2K21: How to design a logo and uniforms in MyTeam

Customization options galore.

When a player starts a MyTeam squad in NBA 2K21, you’ll only be able to choose uniforms and logos that are already in the game. However, NBA 2K players do have the option to design new uniforms and logos, but to do so, users will need to progress a bit in the game.

How to design logos and uniforms in MyTeam

To create new uniforms and logos in MyTeam, users need to unlock Create-a-Team cards. To get those, players need to hit certain levels in Lifetime Agendas.

If you don’t know how to get these cards, getting 75 Cards in MyTeam should allow you to get those cards needed to design your own logos and uniforms.

Once you hit the required number of cards, redeem your rewards and make sure you open up the pack that gives the Create-a-Team items. After those have been redeemed, players will have the option to designs uniforms, create logos and even customize the arena. To do this, go to the Lineups Management menu, and scroll over to the Franchise section.

One tip that you should know is that for the logos, you’ll need to upload any emblems or images that you want to use through the NBA 2K website. Players can go to the NBA 2K website and upload any assets to the game’s servers.

Note: This article has been updated from its previous version.