NBA 2K22: How to find a player’s hot zones

Find a hot spot.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In NBA 2K22, hot zones are important. Players who shoot from their hot zones generally have a better chance at making a shot on the court. But where can you find these charts in 2K22? Let’s detail how you can find a player’s hot zones in NBA 2K22 across the various game modes.

In most cases, you will want to go to an individual’s player card to find the hot zones. If you are at the roster, you will want to select the player with the sticks, and then press either R (for Xbox) or R3 (for PlayStation) to go into the player card. Then, scroll through the player card with RT/R2 until you find the Hot Zones section.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here, you will find which areas of the court a player excels at, in terms of shooting. Red zones indicate a high chance of making a successful shot, whereas a blue indicates that the player is a cold—or poor—shooter from that particular zone. Gray indicates a neutral zone.

Finding the hot zones in MyTeam is a bit different. To do this, find a card in your starting lineup. Do not click R/R3 to go into the player card. Instead, look towards the end of the screen until you the overall ratings. Right below that is a section where a highlighted player’s grades are indicated. Use the left stick to highlight a player, and then rotate using RT/R2 until you see the Hot Zone section.

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For MyCareer players, press the Pause button and scroll through the menu with RB/R1 until you go to the MyCareer section. Scroll down, and select Stats. Then, go to the Roster and find your player. Click R/R3 and then scroll through the bio with RT/R2 until you find the hot zones.