NBA 2K22: How to take off your shirt in The City

Just take it off.

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In NBA 2K22’s The City, you have the option to walk around, play Park games without a shirt on your body. But, much like with other features in MyCareer and The City, you will need to unlock the ability to access this feature. How can you do that? Complete a quest.

In order to take your shirt off in The City, you will need to complete the Take Your Shirt Off quest. This quest won’t show up immediately in your queue, however. To find this quest, you will first need to play at least five 2v2 games in The Park. The Park courts can be found in various outdoor locations throughout The City, and each Affiliation has one set of courts.

Once you’ve played five 2v2 Park games, you will then need to find ATM. ATM can be found right in-between the NBA store and Club 2K.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Talk to him, and he will give you the new quest.

Once you’ve done that, you will be able to complete the Take Your Shirt Off quest. All you will have to do is to play complete 25 2v2 games, in any of the four Affiliation areas.

After completing this quest, you will have the option to walk around The City without a shirt. To actually take your shirt off, pause the game and enter The City menu. Go to the MyPlayer section, and then select Appearance. Select The City, and then pick the Top clothing option. You should then see an option to go shirtless.