NBA 2K22: How to get in Club 2K

Heading to the Club? Make sure to read this first.

Image from Take-Two

If you’re mingling around the center of The City, you might come across a place called Club 2K. Believe it or not, Club 2K lives up to its name, as it’s a club that is full of basketball, and full of 2v2 and 3v3 pickup games. This club might not be your average hangout, but you should try to get in when you can. The good news is that Club 2K is not an exclusive one. The bad news, though, is that you won’t be able to stroll in whenever you want. Here’s what you have to do to get into Club 2K.

Club 2K is not open every day, as we mentioned previously. It’s only open one day a week: Friday, and can be accessed every Friday, starting at 9 PM ET. The area is only open for three hours, as it closes at 12 PM ET.

Club 2K might not be open for long, but you should go into it when you can. While playing in games at Club 2K, you will receive 2x XP during games. If you need grind for levels and new rewards quickly, heading into Club 2K might be for you. Just make sure to put those three hours on your weekly schedule.