NBA 2K22: How to unlock Lifetime Rewards DeAndre Jordan

Take a trip to Lob City.

Image via 2K Sports

Developer Visual Concepts has added a new wrinkle to NBA 2K22’s Objective system in the form of Lifetime Rewards. These objectives aren’t tied to a specific Season and can be earned at any point within the game. We’ve seen the team use this format successfully with Darrell Griffith in September, and now they’ve added DeAndre Jordan to the mix. His objective set is actually a bit easier than Griffith’s, as you don’t have to win any multiplayer games

To get Jordan into your squad, you need to complete nine different objectives. However, it’s important to note that you won’t be able to do some of the later objectives without first unlocking cards from earlier objectives. So, do your best to focus on the first few objectives early to give yourself the quickest path through the set. Here are the objectives:

  • Get five rebounds with Clippers players in a single game (Reward: Sapphire Lifetime Rewards DeAndre Jordan).
  • Win three Triple Threat Offline games using three Clippers players (Reward: 750 MT).
  • Make 10 dunks with any DeAndre Jordan over multiple Triple Threat or Triple Threat Online games (Reward: Slasher Badge Pack).
  • Get nine blocks with any DeAndre Jordan over multiple games (Reward: Rim Protector Badge Pack).
  • Score 20 points and get two blocks with Sapphire Lifetime Reward DeAndre Jordan in a single game (Reward: Amethyst Lifetime Reward DeAndre Jordan).
  • Win a game using five Maverick players (Reward: 750 MT).
  • Get 27 rebounds with Amethyst Lifetime Reward DeAndred Jordan over multiple games (Reward: Badge Award Pack).
  • Score 30 points with any DeAndre Jordan over mutliple Multiplayer games (Reward: Five Tokes).
  • Make 75 dunks with Centers over multiple games (Reward: Dunktober Deluxe Award Pack).

None of these objectives are too tough. Since you’re not required to win any games in multiplayer, finishing this is just a matter of putting in the time. With Season 2 on the way, now is a great time to start working toward completing DeAndre Jordan’s Lifetime Reward.