NBA 2K23 MyTeam: Season 6 rewards – All levels, player cards, and more

The road to Hakeem.

April 7 brought Season 6 to NBA 2K23 MyTeam. This season includes the best level 40 reward we’ve seen all year and a host of other rewards for players to earn. Of course, some fans continue to be annoyed by some of the player rewards being locked behind RNG mechanics, but there are still quite a few worthwhile guaranteed rewards you can pick up. Let’s take a look at all of them, starting with the Season Pass.

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NBA 2K23 MyTeam: Season 6 Season Pass

Just for logging into MyTeam this season, you’ll pick an 87 OVR Ruby Shaquille O’Neal. This card can be evolved all the way up to Pink Diamond, giving you a Shaq with solid speed, great post-play, and sturdy defense. Past that, you’ll need to earn XP by completing Agendas to move up the Season Pass.

Here are all of the rewards in Season 6:

1087 OVR Ruby Shaquille O’Neal (Evo)
2250Ruby Head Coach Sue Bird
35003 x Tokens
4750Rim Protector Award Pack
51,000Season 6 Ball
61,250Emerald Prize Ball
71,500Ascension Board
81,800Base ’23 NBA: Series 2 Award Pack
92,150Sapphire Prize Ball
102,55088 OVR Ruby Darrick Martin
113,0505 x Tokens
123,650Ascension Board
134,350Rim Protector Deluxe Award Pack
145,150National Flags Prize Ball
156,10090 OVR Amethyst Louie Dampier
167,200Ascension Board
178,45010 x Tokens
189,900Ruby Prize Ball
1911,550Standard ’23 NBA: Series 2 Award Pack
2013,40092 OVR Diamond Bob Dandridge
2115,50025 x Tokens
2217,850Deluxe ’23 NBA: Series 2 Award Pack
2320,500Ascension Board
2423,450Amethyst Prize Ball
2526,75094 OVR Diamond Kai Jones
2630,450Ascension Board
2734,60050 x Tokens
2839,250Season 6 Diamond Shoe Pack
2944,450Deluxe ’23 NBA: Series 2 Award pack
3050,25096 OVR Pink Diamond Rod Strickland
3156,700Highlight Reel Award Pack
3263,850Ascension Board
3371,75075 x Tokens
3480,400Diamond Prize Ball
3589,850Ascension Board
36100,00098 OVR Galaxy Opal Gus Gerard
37111,000100 x Tokens
38123,000Season 6 Hall of Fame Option Pack
39136,00025,000 MT
40150,00099 OVR Dark Matter Hakeem Olajuwon

All NBA 2K23 Season 6 Mode Player Rewards

As mentioned, there are several player rewards you can earn across the different modes in MyTeam. Some of these are locked behind different RNG methods, but several are also guaranteed rewards. If you want one of these cards, you only have to play the mode it’s attached to. Here is a list of the rewards and where you can earn them:

  • 99 OVR Dark Matter Isiah Thomas: Ascension Reward Grand Prize
  • 99 OVR Dark Matter Malik Sealy: Triple Threat Offline Vault (RNG)
  • 99 OVR Dark Matter Steve Smith: Triple Threat Online Board (RNG)
  • 99 OVR Dark Matter Dave Cowens: 2,200 cards collected
  • 98 OVR Galaxy Opal Bradley Beal: Clutch Time Offline 100 Wins
  • 98 OVR Galaxy Opal Franz Wagner: Clutch Time Online 100 Wins
  • 98 OVR Galaxy Opal Shaun Livingston: Unlimited
  • 98 OVR Galaxy Opal Jerry Lucas: 250 Triple Threat Offline Wins
  • 98 OVR Galaxy Opal Herb Williams: Triple Threat Online: Co-op