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All Locker Codes in NBA 2K23

Pick up some freebies.

NBA 2K23 is full of rewards for players to earn in MyTeam. Most of these are either gameplay or luck related, but 2K often adds to that with Locker Codes. These are codes you can put into the game to get yourself different rewards. This can range from free MT and Tokens to player cards. For the most part, these cards aren’t going to be the best available, but they can improve your squad when you’re starting out. Let’s take a look at all of the Locker Codes currently available in NBA 2K23.

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Every MyTeam Locker Code in NBA 2K23

This list will be continually updated as 2K releases new Locker Codes. You should also pay attention to the expiration date because most of these codes do expire after a few days. Here are all the codes currently available:

MYTEAM-DIAMOND-DEVIN-BOOKER-4U93 OVR Devin BookerExpires Feb. 28
ALL-STAR-JORDAN-23-IN-MYTEAM93 OVR Michael JordanExpires Feb. 24
MYTEAM-RUI-HACHIMURA-C7P5593 OVR Rui HachimuraExpired
2K23-MYTEAM-HA-SEUNG-JIN-X8WN91 OVR Ha Seung-JinExpired
KOBE-81-POINTS91 OVR Kobe BryantExpired
2K23-MYTEAM-LNY-JEREMY-LIN-1791 OVR Takeover Jeremy LinExpired
NBA-2K23-PARIS-SZN4France Prize Ball Expired
MYTEAM-MLK-DAY-2K23Deluxe Pack Ball DropExpired
HAPPY-HOLIDAYS-PD-FOR-YOUPink Diamond RewardExpired
DRUMMERSDRUMMING-YBG3HHoliday Mask (New Gen Only)Expired
NBA2K-XMAS-LAL-DALTis the Season Pack and 2 Hours Double XP CoinExpired
PIPERSPIPING-XHT9KDouble XP Coins (New Gen Only)Expired
LORDSALEAPING-LNVWSMyCareer Player Panels (New Gen Only)Expired
LADIESDANCIING-DUJE4Player Indicators in MyCareer (New Gen Only)Expired
MAIDSAMILKING-X3C88Green Release Animations (New Gen Only)Expired
SWANSASWIMMING-A4WKRHoliday T-Shirts (Next Gen Only)Expired
GEESEALAYING-L74EMHoliday Backpack (Next Gen Only)Expired
GOLDENRINGS-752PEHoliday Jersey (Next Gen Only)Expired
CALLINGBIRDS-H8UJ2Holiday Mask in MyCareer (Next Gen Only)Expired
XMAS-2K23-GSW-PHIZen PackExpired
FRENCHHENS-NEZRUHoliday Sleeves (Next Gen Only)Expired
TURTLEDOVES-42G5QHoliday Scarf in MyCareer (Next Gen Only)Expired
PARTRIDGE-P9LFXUgly Christmas Sweater in MyCareerExpired
LAL-MIL-SZN3-2K23MyTeam PackExpired
GLITCHED-EVO-CARDSGlitched Player Option PackExpired
250K-GD2-DIAMOND-BOOSTSDiamond Shoe Pack and BoostsExpired
250K-TRANSCENDENT-PACK-2X1DHUnauctionable Transcendent PackExpired
HAPPY-THANKSGIVING-MYTEAMThanksgiving Pack with unauctionable Amethyst or higher playerExpired
HAPPY-HALLOWEEN-IN-MyTEAMTrick or Treat Exchange cardExpired
SHADES-OF-ROOKIE-EVOShades of Option packExpired
250K-UNSTOPPABLE-PACK-DZ86PUnstoppable PackExpired
250K-GD1-DIAMOND-SHOE250K Diamond Shoe PackExpired
JPPGB-24J8S-VVJZQ-65GD6-533J730-minute 2XP Coin, 3 Gatorade Boosts, and a shirtExpired
2KDAY-IN-MyTEAM-NBA2K23Option Pack with Free Agents and Diamond ShoeExpired
CONGRATS-HOF-MANUSpurs Trophy Case Option PackExpired
CONGRATS-HOF-HARDAWAYHeat Trophy Case Option PackExpired

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Where to use Locker Codes in NBA 2K23

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To use your Locker Codes, you’ll need to first make your way to the Home screen in MyTeam. From here, you need to move to the bottom right corner of the screen and select the MyTeam Community Hub. Again in the bottom right corner, you’ll see an option for Locker Code. Once you’re on this screen, type in the code and claim your reward. We should note that the code is not case-sensitive. 2K will always enter them in all caps, but you don’t need to do that yourself.

You can also use the official app to input Locker Codes. Many prefer this because it’s a bit easier to type, but you do have to download an extra app on your phone. Either way, the process is the same and you should get the reward in your game right after entering the code.

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