What is Cred, and how to get it in NBA All-World

Build up that Credibility score.

Image via Niantic

NBA All-World is a new mobile game from Pokémon Go developer Niantic and offers roughly the same concept as Go for NBA fans. Players can roam the real-world streets to accumulate rewards and sign players to build that dream roster. But in order to do any of that, they’ll need some Cred. But what exactly is Cred? This guide explains everything you need about Cred and how to unlock it in NBA All-World.

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What is Cred in NBA All-World?

Cred is short for “Credibility,” and it’s essentially a form of currency that can be used in NBA All-World for a number of activities. For example, the game will run special team and arena-themed tournaments. If one goes into the event details of each, an Entry Fee would be needed. The Entry Fee costs Cred, so obtaining this currency is important in order to enter these tournaments.

Cred is also needed in order to upgrade players. In simple term, players will need Cred in order to progress in All-World.

How to get Cred in NBA All-World

Diamond-shaped crystals

There are different ways to get Cred in NBA All-World. One way is to look on the map for diamond-shaped crystals, which are easily visible on the All-World map. Click on these crystals, as these are Cred rewards. These re-spawn every few minutes, so one should be able to rack up a fair amount over extended periods of time.

Play more games

A primary source of Cred is playing games. Should one win, pick-up games in NBA All-World, players will be subject to receiving special Cred bonuses.

Buy it with real-money

Lastly, Cred can also be purchased in the store. If you’re willing to spend some cash on Cred, that’s up to you. Just know that there are free-to-play options for NBA All-World players when it comes to obtaining Cred.