NHL 21: How to complete HUT Shades of Summer master sets

Rookies are dominating the scene.

If you’re a regular NHL 21 Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) player, chances are that you exchange Monthly Collectibles to receive either an Icon or Gold Collectible. However, you may want to get out of that habit for the next two months, thanks to a new group of HUT sets that were added on April 9.

These sets, as part of the HUT Shades of Summer promo, give NHL players a chance at 97 OVR master items. With that said, let’s go over which players are up for grabs, plus how to get these items.

There are two master set prizes for this promo: Wild forward Kirill Kaprizov and Rangers defenceman K’Andre Miller. Here’s a look at each card:

Kirill Kaprizov

Screenshot by Gamepur

K’Andre Miller

Screenshot from Gamepur

Both have special 97 OVR players cards, and both can be obtained by completing their corresponding master sets. To find the sets, go to the Sets folder and scroll over until you see the HUT Shades of Summer ones.

54 items are needed to complete each set. The items are as follows:

  • 20 April Monthly Collectibles
  • 20 May Monthly Collectibles
  • 7 Gold Collectibles
  • 7 Shades of Summer Collectibles

One Shades of Summer Collectible can be obtained by completing a set of three specific HUT Shades of Summer Challenges. The NHL team will be releasing a new set of challenge every week, so if you plan on completing one of these sets, make sure to bang those out.

Now, you can complete both of these sets, but keep in mind that you will need to hold on to as many Monthly Collectibles as you possibly can. Also, if you plan on doing both, you’ll need to log in daily, complete Daily Challenges, as well as play in HUT Rush. The latter two grant additional Monthly Collectibles.

These sets are slated to expire at the end of June, but because 20 May Monthly Collectibles are needed for Kaprizov or Miller, you won’t be able to complete either set until May.