NHL 22: How Superstar X-Factor abilities work

A primer for Superstar X-Factors in NHL 22.

Image from EA Sports

New to NHL 22 is the addition of Superstar X-Factors. Superstar X-Factors have been a thing in Madden for years, and now, it will be a part of the gameplay in NHL. These new abilities are designed to make the star players stand out, but how exactly do these abilities work? Let’s go over the info that EA has given us, plus some other things that you should know.

Superstar X-Factors are essentially special abilities that certain players in NHL 22 have. These abilities, which are reserved for the best players in the NHL, boost parts of each skater or goalie’s game, and are usually added to someone, based upon their skillset and style of play.

Superstar X-Factors, per EA, have been split up into two categories: Zone and Superstar abilities. Superstar abilities are more broad in nature, and don’t have the kind of boost that a Zone ability does. However, players are able to have multiple Abilities on them, sans Hockey Ultimate Team.

Certain players in NHL 22 also have special X-Factor Zone abilities. These Zone abilities are reserved for the best of the best players, and have a much bigger effect on a player. You should know, however, that unlike with Superstar abilities, a player can only have on Superstar Zone ability.

The Zone abilities have been broken down into six categories: Skating, Shooting, Passing, Defending, Goaltending, and Hockey IQ.

We should note that in NHL 22, some Zone and Superstar abilities might share names. For example, there is an Ankle Breaker Superstar and X-Factor Zone ability in NHL 22. The key difference here, though, is that Zone has a much more potent effect than the Superstar one. Additionally

If you’re curious as to what X-Factor abilities are in NHL 22, take a look at the list we have compiled down below.

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