NHL 22: How to unlock X-Factor Abilities in Be a Pro

How to utilize the new gameplay mechanic in Be a Pro.

Be a Pro is all about creating your own player and living out your dream of being hockey’s next superstar. This year, customizing your character’s appearance and equipment while slowly leveling up through skill trees isn’t the only way you can make your player unique. You can now equip your character with X-Factor Abilities, which offer new enhancements.

X-Factor Abilities can be earned by completing long term challenges given by the media, your managers, or fellow teammates. Storylines will be triggered by meeting certain criteria, which then unlocks the abilities. There’s often multiple Storylines that lead to an X-Factor ability.

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For example, One Tee helps players with one-timers. The Storylines required are Cup Drought/Ultimate Champion – Part 1. These can be triggered either by going three consecutive seasons without winning a Stanley Cup, or by winning a Stanley Cup. You can have one Zone Ability and five Superstar Abilities equipped on your player.

Because there’s so many X-Factor Abilities to choose from, it can be hard to keep track of how far along you are into unlocking them. You can view your progress for individual abilities by going to View Challenge Progress tab. This can be done by either tabbing over when at the Be a Pro Abilities screen, or by highlighting a specific ability and pressing the right stick.

Screenshot by Gamepur