NHL 23: How to upgrade Power-Up Icons and X-Factor cards in HUT

Power Up those cards.

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In NHL 22, X-Factors and the existence of Power-Up players items were added into the game. These items are back for NHL 23, bringing back the ability to use X-Factors in Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) and upgrade various items throughout the year. So, how exactly can you upgrade these cards in HUT? Let’s take a look.

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How to upgrade Power-Up Icons and X-Factor cards in HUT

To upgrade both Power-Up Icons and X-Factor cards in Hockey Ultimate Team, here’s what you have to do. Add one of the players to the starting lineup by going to My Team > Edit Lineup in the HUT menu. Then, select that player with either A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation), and select ‘Player Info/Upgrades.’ This will initiate a save of the current lineup, but it can be changed afterwards.

Once you have done that, you will be sent to the player’s information card. Here, you can see the card’s abilities, synergies, and stats. Additionally, users will be able to see the tiers for each card. To toggle through the different tiers, go through the card with LB/RB or L1/R1.

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There are a variety of different items that will be required over time to upgrade a Power-Up Icon or X-Factor card. This includes Coins, Power-Up collectibles, as well as base and possible inform items of that player. And as time goes on, EA Sports will add more tiers and new upgrades.

Power-Up collectibles can be obtained by way of sets, or obtaining these through playing the game and from packs.

We should also note that any reward can be refunded. To do this, go back to the player info card, and hover over the last tier purchased. Then, select the ‘Refund Tier’ to refund the purchase.

One last note on Power Up cards. For upgradable cards that are part of promos, those typically require Coins and promo-specific collectibles. Unless specifically required, don’t expect Power Up collectibles to be needed for those cards.