How To Use Refiner In No Man’s Sky NEXT

 How To Use Refiner In No Man’s Sky NEXT

You use a Refiner in No Man’s Sky NEXT to create more complex items. The Refiner turns your harvested raw material into different vital variants that can, later on, help you to craft powerful equipment in the game. Harvesting in a regular part of No Man’s Sky so you will be gathering a lot of things, and using it in Refiner will help you to get complex items. Below you can read how you can use Refiner in No Man’s Sky NEXT.

No Man's Sky NEXT Refiner Guide

How To Use Refiner

Refiner is not present by default, you will have to build the facility in the game and then you can start using it. Below is the process.

  • Step 1: Open Build Menu when you are on food and select the Refiner from the menu.
  • Step 2: The cost to build a portable Refiner will cost around 1 Metal Plating + 30 Oxygen. So you will need to find these items first. You can read below for more details.
  • Step 3: Once you build the Portable Refiner, go near it and hold Square on PS4 or any other key reflected on the screen to initiate its Maintenance.
  • Step 4: This will launch a New Menu, look for Fuel Inverter in it to add fuel. The item required to add is Carbon or Condensed Carbon that can be harvested easily by destroying plants on the planets.
  • Step 5: After fueling add the raw material on the left side of Refiner. A few common items you will see is raw Sodium that can be used in the Refiner to make Sodium Nitrate. So once you had done adding you will see a pop-up that will give you information on the refined substance which will be created after the reaction. You will also see the time the Refiner take to create the object.

Where To Find Oxygen & Metal Plating To Build Refiner?

You can find Oxygen pretty easily on the planet surface. Search for red “O2” diamond. You just need to scan and locate these red diamonds and you can add some O2 in your inventory easily. For Metal Plating you have to go in your Exo-Suit inventory as it is crafted in it. Go in the inventory and select an Empty Slot. You will see Craft Product option. You can craft Metal Plating here by paying 50 Ferrite Dust. You can mine it from the planet’s surface.

So this is how you can use the Refiner to create powerful items, you can modify the number of items you want to create by pressing left and right. You have to set the Refiner on and then wait back to collect the item. At the end, use remove any unused raw material from the refiner and pick them up. You can use them later on.