One Small Step For Man secret achievement/trophy guide in Knockout City

One giant step for Dodgeball-kind.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Moon Ball in Knockout City is one of the more interesting special balls you can come across in the game. While it doesn’t blow people up like the Bomb Ball or trap people like the Cage Ball, it helps improve your jump and make sure enemies cannot recover themselves after taking a hit. The Moon Ball can also earn you a secret achievement or trophy if you know what to do with it. Here is how to earn the One Small Step For Man secret achievement/trophy in Knockout City.

For this achievement, you need to stay airborne for 30 seconds without touching the ground with a Moon Ball in your hands. While this may seem a little hectic to try and pull off during a match with players trying to hit you, it is actually easy to pull off before you enter a game.

First, go to your Hideout. You automatically go there when you boot up the game, or you can leave matchmaking and go to it. When there, grab a Moon Ball from the Dummy Robot. With that in hand, go back to the structure that you spawned at and take the jump pad to the side of it to get on top.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When on the roof, step on the vents on the edge and jump outwards. At the highest point in your jump, pull out your glider by pressing the jump button again. Now all you need to do is fly your glider around the Hideout for 30 seconds. The Moon Ball makes it, so you stay in the air longer, but you will likely still need to fly around the building, so you don’t touch the ground. You will fall and respawn, but don’t worry, since you are not in a match, it will not affect your K/D ratio or anything.