The Outer Worlds – How To Use Consumables And The Inhaler


How you heal yourself in The Outer Worlds is pretty interesting, as you use an Inhaler to give yourself a burst of healing energy using items called Adreno. You can also pick up Consumables, mainly various items of food that you can eat to heal you. You can also combine the two! This will give you an immediate kick of health, along with other added benefits.

The Outer Worlds – How To Use Consumables And The Inhaler

In the Consumables tab of the Inventory screen, at the very top, you will see your Inhaler. It will have various slots, most of which are locked at the start of the game. Each slot allows you to place a consumable inside; then, when you use the Inhaler, you will get the benefits of the Adreno and whatever consumables you placed in the Inhaler slots.

By slotting the Consumables into the Inhaler, you can take them instantly during combat. Not only will you get healing, but you will also get the added effect from the type of Consumable you have just ingested.

These vary from item to item and can be additional healing, or an increased health bar for a certain duration. Some of them can even buff your stats temporarily, making you better at hacking, engineering, or specific types of combat.

The Inhaler slots will open up as you increase your Medical skill, with all of them being available at skill level 80. Higher medical skill level will also increase the effect of consumables and healing, making it a worthwhile skill to invest in.